I’ve been waiting for almost a year (that’s how long it takes for fabric to get from the design board to the bolt) and the Sugar Plum Christmas bolts have finally shipped from Moda!  Your local quilt shop should have it very soon!  UPS is also delivering boxes of fabric to Bunny Hill so we can cut it into some special kits.  One kit you already know about (Glitter Houses), but the other kits I can’t tell you about yet! All in good time :>)

Many of the fabrics from Sugar Plum Christmas are sold out at Moda and we won’t be able to get them again. So my advice is this:  If you see a kit or bundle you like, be sure and buy it right away.

If you pre-ordered our Glitter Houses Quilt Kit, we shipped them last week!  You should have them in your hands by now.  I hope you love the embellishment kit if you ordered one.  We tried to package everything very carefully so nothing gets damaged in shipping.

I put the extra Glitter House Quilt Kits on our website, but we only have 4 left. Our newsletter comes out on the 5th and I expect them to be gone after that.  This is an advance warning for my blog readers.

If you pre-ordered The Christmas Mouse Quilt Kit, they arrive here on Wednesday of this week!  We’ll be charging your cards over the next few days and getting ready to ship!  You are going to love this kit because it not only includes the pattern, but also the embellishments.  I’ll have a few extra kits available on my website, after we ship all of our orders, but once they’re gone I don’t think I can get anymore.

If you ordered The Christmas Mouse Quilt Kit, or purchased the pattern separately, I have a free stocking pattern on my website that I think you’ll like.  The stocking pattern is free, and the applique is from The Christmas Mouse pattern.
Last, but not least, we have the Sugar Plum Christmas fat quarter bundles on our website.  They are limited to our stock on hand, because the fat quarter bundles are also sold out at Moda.   There are still shops that have them, either online or locally, but don’t wait too long.

If you’ve gotten through this post without getting confused congratulations!  I think I’ve confused myself :>)

One more thing before I close…be sure and check back here on Friday.  It’s finally Bunny Hill month for the Moda design contest.  I promise, promise, promise you are going to love this!  We’ve got a TON of prizes and I know you can do this contest.  The end result will be one I hope you’ll love!

Hope to see you on Friday!  You are the best blog readers ever and I’ll be cheering you on!

Monday hugs to all of you!


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