I LOVE to see the new Moda catalogs and I bet you do too. Here’s the latest pre-market catalog from Moda, hot off the press!  They have some of the cutest fabric lines ever in this issue, and they’re introducing a new designer, Annie Brady! Welcome to Moda Annie Brady!

Click link below and enjoy the catalog!

Pre-Market Moda Catalog

I don’t have a fabric line in here, but a lot of my friends do!  You’ll find so many “fun” things throughout the catalog!  Check out the new Bella colors, the new Moda basics, and new Grunge fabrics!   Most of these collections start shipping to shops in August and September and I’m making a wish list of bundles I can’t live without.  What’s on your wish list?  Did you find some things you just “have to have”?

Thank you Moda for once again making our fabric world exciting!



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