It’s scrap bags and thread this month at Bunny Hill.  Sue and I spent a wonderful sunny day out on my driveway, bagging up 3 huge boxes of scraps from Moda;  one box of Sugar Plum Christmas and 2 boxes of Lily & Will Revisited (cotton and flannel).  All of these bags are currently residing on my dining room table waiting for us to add them to our website!

 We also made up grab bags from our left-over Spooky Delights fat quarters.

If you’ve purchased a scrap bag from us before you know how much fun they are!  These are the end cuts of the sales reps sample cards.  You’ll get a piece of every fabric in the collection, but sizes can vary from a 1″ strip to a strip as wide as 9″.  In order to share the fun with as many of you as possible, we’ve limited the number of bags you can purchase to 2 bags per collection.

Since we’re also featuring thread and floss this month I thought I’d share with you how I keep my Cosmo floss organized.  I found this little cabinet that my husband chalk painted for me.  It’s just perfect for storing floss.  In the first 4 drawers I’ve arranged my floss by number, and the bottom 2 drawers I use for my metallic and special floss.  I still need to make some pretty labels for each drawer, but I love how this system works.  When I purchased this little cabinet at Farmhouse Wares, it was more rustic looking.  The white chalk paint gives it more of a shabby look.  I just checked and I don’t see it on their website, but if you contact them they might be able to get more of these little cabinets.

We’ve put all the thread and floss on our website on sale.  Valdani Pearl Cotton, Cosmo Embroidery Floss and Aurifil thread are all 25% off during the month of March.  We’ve packaged our Cosmo Floss Collection into 4 bags, just like the floss in my drawer, making it easier to find a color.  You may also want to try the Cosmo Metallic Shabon-Dama Collection.  Because this collection is so hard to get, we’ve only got a few in stock now. We’ll be getting more in just a few weeks, and remember this thread sale goes for the entire month.  March is a good month to try some different threads!

You’ll find the thread and floss sale active now, and later tonight we’ll make the scrap bag category active.  You’re getting advance notice my sweet blog readers, before I announce it in my newsletter tomorrow.

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