For The Love of a Dog

I posted this picture and story about Milkshake on Instagram last July, but in case you missed it here it is again…


The love from this old dog has taught me so much: It knows no end, it has no limit and it will always be there. She’s my senior rescue (13) and she has congestive heart failure. We’ve known about her heart since July 2014 and she’s still with me. I don’t think her heart has finished teaching me yet.”

I have the hardest time writing about her on this blog.  Somehow if I write about it here, it will make it come true.  I’m not rational when it comes to her.  We’ve known about her condition for over a year now.  She saw a cardiologist (did you know there was such a thing for dogs?) in July of 2014 who told us she had 4 months.  Maybe it was because he was the bearer of bad news, but neither Milkshake, my husband or I liked him so we’ve kept Milkshake under our local vet’s care.  Just like people who have this disease, she’s been on lots of medications but she takes them without complaint.

This week her heart has been racing (A-Fib, a secondary condition) and we’ve added 2 more medications to her routine.  She’s wearing down because of the heart rate and we’re hoping the medications help.  I know as pet owners we take the good times with the hard times and we do it so willingly because of the unconditional love they give us.  She’s not in pain but she is exhausted.  I refuse to give in before it’s time.  Say a prayer her heart can last a bit longer.   Writing about it here won’t change a thing, but if you say a little prayer for her it might help.



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  • Mimi - We understand fully your love and devotion to Milkshake and send our prayers.ReplyCancel

  • Barb Jenson - I think as with anything you truly love Milkshake will always be with you.ReplyCancel

  • Kim E. - Peace to you during this difficult and painful time. The love for a dog is never ending and transcends time and space. She will always be with you in that love.ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen O'Grady - I feel the same way about my dogs, they are a part of the family as if I gave birth to them. I so dread thinking about the times to come. So sorry for what you are facing. You truly gave her a real home and she is showing you her love and devotion. Bless the both of you.ReplyCancel

  • Sandy - Please know there are a great many of us out here that share your pain. We will put your family and expecially Milkshake in our prayers.ReplyCancel

  • Toni - My prayers are with you and Milkshake. So sorry to hear about her condition and consequently, your pain. Peace!ReplyCancel

  • merryl shapiro - As like many of us I too have gone through heartbreak with my dogs and cats. The decision is very hard, but the knowing that you have done everything in your power and have loved them till you burst will bring comfort. My thoughts are with you both.ReplyCancel

  • Carole Crane - Our fur babies are very special to us! Prayers for you and Milkshake. May God hold you in His hands!ReplyCancel

  • Hildy - I hope you have your little Milkshake a while longer and that the medications will help her. I’m sure she knows how much she is loved.ReplyCancel

  • Kay Mackenzie - Anne, we went through the same type thing with our old papillon, Willie. He’s been gone 3 years and I cried about him just the other day. Our vet said that there wasn’t one day that he didn’t know he was loved. It’s the same with your doggie. Sending hugs to both of you.ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Oh Anne, my heart aches for all of you! I will keep Milkshake in my prayers in hopes they can get the A-fib under control. There isn’t much else I can say, except I understand the love of a dear pet and have watched helplessly as pets have left our lives. Hugs…ReplyCancel

  • Debbi - You, your family, and Milkshake will be in my prayers. Rescuing a senior dog is courting heartbreak for you but how wonderful for Milkshake. He got a foretaste of God’s unconditional love while still here on earth.ReplyCancel

  • liz n. - Prayers for Milkshake, and for you. That sweetheart’s boundless love goes both ways, y’know, and how wonderful that she is living her senior years with a family who loves her.ReplyCancel

  • Patty - Prayers and happy thoughts. LoveReplyCancel

  • Pam Seaberg - Oh, Anne. You have such a big heart, and my heart aches for you. I have been through this many times, some how it doesn’t get easier. I will pray for you both.ReplyCancel

  • Faye - I think most pet owners understand what you are going through especially with dogs and cats. I’ll be thinking of you and Milkshake.ReplyCancel

  • sharon - my heart breaks for you esp seeing them go through this and the final decision that enough is enough. We had to put our beloved dog down the 2nd of this year. He was only 6. Cancer had taken over and won. Every day I cry. Every day I say I can’t go through this again. I loved my dog more than some humans. Some people don’t understand. I will pray for you and hope that knowing you have done everything possible will give you peace. Be strong.Hugs and prayers always.ReplyCancel

  • Juanita Moore - Im wondering how she got her name?ReplyCancel

  • RuthB - So sorry to hear about Milkshake Anne. I know the heartbreak of watching my dog deteriorate over time from illness and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Please know that you are being supported by many and we share your pain. Hugs.ReplyCancel

  • Christine B - Sending you prayers Anne. I hope Milkshake responds well to the latest medication. Hugs xxxReplyCancel

  • Jackie Roisler - Prayers to you, Milkshake, and your loved ones. I relate.ReplyCancel

  • DeAnna Dodson - Awww, she’s such a sweet little thing. I wish I had her. Praying that you will have her as long as possible. It’s so hard to lose one, but it would be worse never to have them. Give her lots of love. She’s precious!

    What kind of dog is she? She looks so sweet and dainty.

    :::hugs to you both:::ReplyCancel

  • Julie Zaloudek - You don’t have to be rational when it comes to Milkshake. Being rational doesn’t enter in when you care so deeply. Milkshake is a very special dog and you are a very special person. I don’t believe in giving in either and think that sometimes shear will power can keep things going.
    Hopefully the medication will help.Prayers are being sent your way.ReplyCancel

  • Kristie Michalowski - Prayers are coming to you and your precious pup, Milkshake!ReplyCancel

  • Christina - Of course I will keep your sweet baby in my prayers. I know what are going through.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Browning - So sorry Milkshake (cute name btw) is getting to the end of the trail. I will be praying for both you and Milkshake, I believe God cares about the little animals He has put here for our enjoyment. My little Daisy(Mini Doxie) is 12 so I know that day will be upon us before we know it also.

    PS- I like the new design but miss that pink Featherweight!ReplyCancel

  • JanetF - Anne, thank you for sharing Milkshake’s condition, and yours. As I was saying to a friend today, if we can get it, they can get it. Our adored 4 legged family members have oncologists, ophthalmologists, internists, no cardiologists, yet. Hoping she surprises you with a much longer life than expected … you both deserve it. Thoughts and prayers.ReplyCancel

  • Bonnie - I offer my prayers for you, your family, and precious Milkshake. I know that pain you speak of and I pray for your comfort and Milkshake’s. Prayers for peaceful passing until you meet again. I am so sorry, Anne. What a blessing you have been to Milkshake and she to you. I am sure you have done everything to give her a good life.ReplyCancel

  • Patricia - So sorry for the pain you are feeling regarding your precious fur baby. i do believe God is concerned about anything that Affects our lives. He did create those wonderful creatures after all. Thanks for rescueing Milkshake. Prayers.ReplyCancel

  • Pauline Francis - So sorry to hear about Milkshake. Hopefully her health will improve with her new meds. Hugs and prayers from Canada.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Butler - Oh my goodness….prayers for you and your precious pup.ReplyCancel

  • Margaret Mead - It’s so hard when our furry friends are unwell. Sending prayers that she’ll respond well to the new meds and continue to be a happy part of your family.ReplyCancel

  • Diane S. - I am so sorry to hear about Milkshake. You will both be in my prayers. Hopefully the new medication will help. I know what you are feeling, my fur baby is 15 and 1/2 yrs old and I know that I will be going through the loss again one of these days. It is so hard.
    Just know that you have given her a happy life and are doing the best you can for her.
    This is the pain we have to feel for loving them and having them in our lives. I know we never would have not wanted them. I don’t know how many times I have said no more. I really feel for you. Sending my love to you both and a big hug. I will be praying for more time for you.ReplyCancel

  • Beth Reilly - Dear Anne, my heart goes out to you and your husband and sweet Milkshake. We had to make the difficult decision with my almost 21 year old kitty last Saturday. Like you, we tried everything to help, lots of meds and great vet care. It’s so hard to let go of our furry family members. You know Milkshake better than anyone, and if she has that fighting spirit, bless her! Sending hugs to all of you!ReplyCancel

  • Penny Holliday - Dear Anne,
    I understand ~ our dogs/pets are members of our families & we love them dearly. Sending prayers & hugs for you and Milkshake!ReplyCancel

  • Liz - Dear Anne,

    I so understand…our pets are out family. I will definitely be praying for her. Sending you lots of love, hugs and prayers!ReplyCancel

  • Denise Armitage - Oh Anne I am so sorry. It sounds like you are doing all you can, and being strong and giving her as much time as she needs. Your compassion for her is so obvious in those big brown eyes of hers! I will most definitely include you all in our prayers!ReplyCancel

  • JudyBL - Dear Anne, prayers and good wishes for you, your husband and Milkshake. The great love we give to our furry companions is returned so many times over. We still grieve our loss of a sweet dog last year. Treasure every moment and know the care you give is so important. Take care.ReplyCancel

  • Nancy B. - What a blessing you are for each other. Milkshake is precious and so lucky to be part of your family. The love you have for each other never stops, it fills all space and is more powerful than anything on earth. You are in my prayers. Lots of love. P.S. I love that dog is God spelled backwards .. dogs are such a loving expression of God unconditional love.ReplyCancel

  • Lea Kagel - Dearest Anne,
    I just received this note from you about precious Milkshake and immediately offered my sincerest prayer for you and this dear pet.
    My heart aches for you as I and others who have cherished pets know the deep concern for pets who are ill.
    We know all too well the immense and profound depth of love we have for them and they for us. I recall my vet telling me that when the time comes I need to be strong for my pet. It is the only gift we can truly give them as they have so selflessly given to us.

    I wish I could be with you to give you a great big hug, dear friend but I hope you can “feel” it thru this note to you. Have faith, as I do, that we will be with our precious pets again one day. They are Heavenly Father’s pure gift, a tender mercy that these pets have been created. They deserve to be in the highest of glories and they will. We just need to do all we can to be worthy to join them :).

    You, sweet Anne, have provided the most loving care for your pets of anyone I’ve ever known. You will be blessed for that but in the meantime, have faith that miracles happen and that if it is Heavenly Father’s will that sweet Milkshake is with you a bit longer, than that is what will be. I cannot tell you the number of times my Ca-tiana has been near death and has rallied. She has had more than double her quota of nine lives. I believe in the power of prayer, Anne and many will be praying for Milkshake.

    For what it’s worth, I am here for you anytime. Please don’t hesitate to call me (925-899-4877).

    Your Friend,

  • Anita R - Poor milkshake, I’ll say a little prayer for her and you. So sad when our pets don’t feel good.ReplyCancel

  • Karen - Are thoughts and prayers are with you, love Karen & Sapphire 🐾🐾ReplyCancel

  • Carol - I said a prayer for Milkshake. But unlike others who have commented, I don’t feel sorry for her or for you. You see, I know the joy of friending a rescue dog. Each and every one sent me a telepathy message thanking me for rescuing them from Doggy Jail. They joyfully gave me all the love and devotion they had and I returned it tenfold. So I am happy for both of you, for you know a joy that many have never known.
    xx, CarolReplyCancel

  • Sandy - Anne, I will be praying for your milkshake and your family. We lost our Pepper suddenly from heart failure. Not sure if it would have better to know. I’m thinking it wouldn’t. Much strength to you.ReplyCancel

  • Susan - It’s so very sad that our beloved animals don’t live a long time! They bring so much joy to us though and we are so lucky they are part of our lives! We all know what you are going through and know that we are sending thoughts, prayers, and love to you, your family, and Milkshake.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Smith - This is so sad to hear. Pets become almost like children and it is so hard to watch them go down. Your pets are so blessed to have been given such a loving, comfortable home!ReplyCancel

  • gloria g. Walls - Milkshake and all your babies are in my thoughts and prayers……she is adorable, and we know the pain you are having very well…..that’s the price we pay……for the love of an old critter….but someone has to do it…..

    Thank you too for taking such good care of her…..we all deserve someone to take good care of us, love us and see to all our needs….you are lucky and she is lucky…..We will continue to keep you all in our prayers…….thank you for sharing this, as difficult as it is. There is power in prayer.

    Bless you all, and happy quilting, gloria g. Walls and family, now in Wellborn, FloridaReplyCancel

  • Teresa - Sending prayers for little Milkshake. Our pets are so much a part of us and our lives. I truly understand how you are feeling. I also had a pet that was diagnosed with a heart problem. We love them as they love us. Remember when he does pass that Rainbow Bridge he will be free to run and play in a beautiful place and he will know that you gave him all the love you could. He will wait for the day for all of you to be together again.ReplyCancel

  • Karen S - Praying for all of you, and especially for Milkshake. Such a sweet face!ReplyCancel

  • JudyCinNC - Your Milkshake needed you as much as you needed her – a very special and beautiful bond. I always try to focus on how different my life would have been if that special pet had not been in it. My heart feels your love and my prayers and thoughts are with you. JudyCReplyCancel

  • Patti Levine - Prayers going out for all of you for peace and comfort.ReplyCancel

  • Karen D Martin - So sorry about sweet Milkshake. She is lucky to have such caring and loving parents.ReplyCancel

  • Betty - My prayers are with you and Milkshake. When he crosses the Rainbow Bridge he will get to know Shadow, Bear, Charlie, Duke and all of our fur babies that have gone ahead. It hurts and nothing will change that. I will pray that Milkshake does not have pain until he is ready to go.ReplyCancel

  • Joan B - Sending prayers for Milkshake–we, too, have gone through similar tough times with our animals. And now, with a loved person too. Often harder on us than we realize.ReplyCancel

  • Miss Jean - Sending prayers and love to you all – especially sweet Milkshake!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Anne, I am in tears reading this, as I well know the pain of saying goodbye to a dearly loved furry family member. I pray that the new meds give you more time with your sweet Milkshake. She knows she is dearly loved, and she loves you so much, too. I can see it in her eyes.
    Eighteen months ago, we said goodbye to our kitty Oscar. He had many health problems and after a long and wonderful life, those problems caught up with him. Those last few days were so difficult, but Oscar knew he was so loved and cared for. Like our Oscar, Milkshake will let you know when it is time. Until then, continue to hope, enjoy every moment with her and know she will always live in your heart.ReplyCancel

  • Carole S - Prayers for comfort for you and Milkshake. Our little furry friends are precious beyond words.ReplyCancel

  • Karla - Ann, prayers for little Milkshake. Out pets are more than pets, they are family. We had a Scottie for about 15 years, and lost him this past fall, but the memories of his antics and such, never to be forgotten.

    Hugs, KarlaReplyCancel

  • Anne at Walden Woods - What a blessing you have been to Milkshake – sharing your love with her has given her the courage and strength to stay with you and to return her love and thanks for all you have done to make her days so happy. Many prayers for her safe, comfortable and loving journey. She will always remain in your heart with love.ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen - Sending prayers for Milkshake. I so understand your situation. My dog was sick for so long as she came in to her senior years. I had her 14 years before having to make the decision to send her on. That came when she was too weak to stand on her legs. I stayed with her as she crossed over. So sad but I couldn’t let her go alone.ReplyCancel

  • Patircia Akers - My heart goes out to you and your husband for this beautiful little soul…and yes, somehow I do believe dogs have souls. How can they not when they are so darn loving to we humans. When I read your email, I had just finished bawling over our Belle who we lost two years ago….we just loved that girl so much. She was a rescue, about nine years old and so neglected. We spent so much money and time to give her a good last years of life and will never regret it. They do have a way of getting deep inside your hearts, especially when they are the only ones in your hearts. I will pray for you Milkshake…she deserves all we have to give for her as she gives you so much of herself.
    hugs, the Akers xoxoxoReplyCancel

  • Anita - Praying for milkshake. My cat had an eye injury that was so bad the vet said the eye would most likely have to be removed. Two ladies from my church prayed with me for him & we saw a miracle. Moses eye was a gelatinous mess, then in a few days we could see the green color & a few more days & it was completely normal! Nothing is too hard for God!ReplyCancel

  • Gale - I will pray for sweet milkshake and you as well. I understand your pain, we had to make that sad decision early March, nearly a year already. Milkshake was certainly lucky to have found you and your family. HugsReplyCancel

  • patty delia - praying for Milkshake and your family. Times like these are hard but we survive them because of all the wonderful memories we have. Keep strong and find comfort in the love you have shared with your fur baby.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Smith - Oh Anne, I’m so sorry to hear that Milkshake’s heart is wearing down. It is truly such a joyful gift to love and be loved by a rescue pet. Bless your heart for giving her such wonderful, loving senior years. I read your post and the accompanying comments with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat… We are truly blessed when we experience the trusting love of a rescue pet. I will keep Milkshake in my prayers. May you find peace in the knowledge that you’ve given her the best senior life that she could possibly ever have. Hugs, LisaReplyCancel

  • Jeanne - Prayers for you and Milkshake, you will know when the time is right. I pray that you will not have to make that decision. Our pets own our hearts.ReplyCancel

  • Doreen - As a tremendous lover of animals, especially dogs, prayers are being sent your way for all of you especially Milkshake. The unconditional love of a dog is unrivaled. No matter how our day has been or what kind of day they have had they greet us with a happy tail! God Bless.ReplyCancel

  • Libby - My prayers are to Milkshake, you and your family. I feel our pets are heaven sent. Hugs…………………..ReplyCancel

  • Pat Godkin - Dear Anne: our pets can be our heart and soul, just look into those eyes.
    Thinking of Milkshake, your husband and you.ReplyCancel

  • Linda - Praying for Milkshake….ReplyCancel