I posted this picture and story about Milkshake on Instagram last July, but in case you missed it here it is again…


The love from this old dog has taught me so much: It knows no end, it has no limit and it will always be there. She’s my senior rescue (13) and she has congestive heart failure. We’ve known about her heart since July 2014 and she’s still with me. I don’t think her heart has finished teaching me yet.”

I have the hardest time writing about her on this blog.  Somehow if I write about it here, it will make it come true.  I’m not rational when it comes to her.  We’ve known about her condition for over a year now.  She saw a cardiologist (did you know there was such a thing for dogs?) in July of 2014 who told us she had 4 months.  Maybe it was because he was the bearer of bad news, but neither Milkshake, my husband or I liked him so we’ve kept Milkshake under our local vet’s care.  Just like people who have this disease, she’s been on lots of medications but she takes them without complaint.

This week her heart has been racing (A-Fib, a secondary condition) and we’ve added 2 more medications to her routine.  She’s wearing down because of the heart rate and we’re hoping the medications help.  I know as pet owners we take the good times with the hard times and we do it so willingly because of the unconditional love they give us.  She’s not in pain but she is exhausted.  I refuse to give in before it’s time.  Say a prayer her heart can last a bit longer.   Writing about it here won’t change a thing, but if you say a little prayer for her it might help.



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