I haven’t forgotten about my favorite blog readers!  In case you didn’t get my newsletter today here’s Maya “The Christmas Mouse” with a bit of info for you…


Photography by Gregory Case

Dear Santa, I just heard that I might be able to visit a lot of houses with you next year. I’m so excited I can hardly sleep! I’ll be over on the Bunny Hill website waiting for you to pick me up!

What’s this little mouse talking about?   Well, if you don’t have a local quilt shop nearby offering this kit,  I’m taking kit pre-orders for it over the next two weeks.  Some quilt shops are offering it as a block of the month, and some even have it as laser cut versions.  I always encourage you to shop at your local quilt store. If you can’t find it locally, you can pre-order kits for The Christmas Mouse and Glitter Houses on my website.

Here’s something that might be fun!  We have a special this month on Bunny Hill Petite patterns!  Buy 3 Petites and get one free! Tell us in the comment section on checkout what you’d like your free petite pattern to be.  If you can’t wait for the snail mail and you want to purchase PDF petite patterns, buy three and then choose your free one but don’t add it to your cart.  Tell us in the comment section and we’ll email it to you.  Here’s a few of the petite patterns we have:


 We’re even including Maya Mouse in our petite selection…she’ll be ready to ship next week.  If you haven’t tried a petite pattern yet, they are really fun!

Are you going crazy this year with holiday shopping?  I have to admit I haven’t set foot in a store yet.  Everything I’ve purchased has been with the click of my mouse and I’m curious as to what you are doing.  Do you shop online or still prefer going to the actual store?  I think I’d buy more if I was in the store, and I know I’m missing out on the holiday decorations and excitement, but time seems to get more limited every year.  As my purchases get delivered, I feel a bit guilty.  How about you?  Another question, do you wrap your purchases right away or wait until the last-minute?  If you have a system of organization share it with us!

Back soon,


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