All the way from germany

After an 11 hour flight from Germany today, this little snow bunny named Maya and her sister Lily, will be in California with me!

Maya in the snow

They’ve been teasing me with pictures like this…

Maya and Lily

I can hardly wait!  They arrive this evening and after a long flight, going through customs, getting luggage etc. they may not think California is so great.  For the next few days jet lag will take over, but once we get past that, I have days of fun planned.  For the next week our weather will be in the 70’s with only a few days of rain in-between.   Best of all, the Easter Bunny is coming to my house this year!

I’ve been doing a little sewing for them, and I’ve made the cutest dolls from the Moda panels designed by Stacy Hsu.  They were so much fun to make and the directions on the panels are great.  Here’s Lil’ Red, the first panel Stacy did for Moda.


Lil’ Red visits Bunny Hill!

And here’s Coral, the little mermaid doll that’s coming soon from Moda and Stacy.  Of course I made two little mermaids, one for each of my girls.  The fins slip off and the doll has legs, and a skirt.  She can magically become a mermaid for a while and when she’s done doing mermaid things, she’s back to being a little girl.

Coral the MermaidI loved making these little dolls so much, that I’ve ordered the panels to sell on my website.  They’ll be available sometime in April.  I’ll try to remember to show you how easy it is to turn the narrow waistband right side out, using a drinking straw.  It’s a trick from my doll making days.

I’ll be back to show you more of my Splendid Sampler blocks after my family leaves on the 6th.  I HATE saying goodbye, so it will take me a few days to recover.  Maybe sewing a few more sampler blocks will help.

Have a great “Spring” break and a wonderful holiday!

Back soon,


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  • Mary Salmon - Anne!
    You are the luckiest grandmother in the world! Those precious babies will hug & kiss you forever! Have a great time! I must make those dolls! Love, MaryReplyCancel

  • liz n. - Omg, their little faces!

    You’re going to smother those girls in hugs and kisses, aren’t you? :DReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Oh, they are absolutely adorable, how wonderful for you! I know the feeling of getting those special visits from your usually far away grandbabies and children. These little dolls are precious, brings back memories of all the panel stuffies I used to sew. I think I need to make a mermaid or two :) I am truly so happy for you…enjoy every second (I know you will).ReplyCancel

  • Janet Melanson - Have a wonderful visit and a Happy Easter :)ReplyCancel

  • Hildy - Have a fun and great time with your granddaughters and your family! It’s smart to make a doll for each girl because otherwise there’ll be a fight (I fought with my brother over a toy poodle a long time ago and this event still scares my mom;-)
    I’ve made all my Splendid blocks so far but today a new one was realised and now I need to make this. It’s from Sherri and it’s sure easy anough to squezze it in my sewing plans tonight.ReplyCancel

  • DeAnna Dodson - What darling little girls!

    Don’t spoil them or anything, grandmama. ;)ReplyCancel

  • kshackabq - Oh my goodness. Lily looks so grown up! And Maya is adorable. May every minute be wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • Katherine Schaffer - Enjoy those darling little German imports!ReplyCancel

  • malene - I wish you a great time with them and funny easter. I will see mine next weekReplyCancel

  • Silvia - So sweet! Enjoy their stay with you! These dolls are lovely.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Smith - Have fun and enjoy those babies!! I know you will!!ReplyCancel

  • Tonia L. Conner - They are cuties, enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy some more. The girls are sue to love the sweet little ladies.ReplyCancel

  • Karen Scott Kaplan - Such a beautiful family you have. Have a wonderful holiday enjoy every minute of making special memories. Adorable dolls for two adorable girls. I’m sure they will have many adventures together xReplyCancel

  • gailss1 - How exciting for you and who wouldn’t be excited to see those cuties. Have a wonderful visit with your family.ReplyCancel

  • Barb R. - Those panel dolls from Moda are so cute (I need to make them, too), but the truly adorable, beautiful, cuter than and sweetest of all are your granddaughters!! Oh My Goodness!! So precious! You must be in heaven having them visit.

    Have a wonderful, magical time with them and a very Happy Easter to you and your family. Happy Spring,too.

    p.s. – you can share as many pictures as you wish – we will love them all !ReplyCancel

  • Tammy spencer - It’s nice you can spend Easter with your children and grand babies. Have a wonderful holiday. Happy Easter. Ps. The dolls are very cute.ReplyCancel

  • Karen Martin - Those little sweeties are going to have the best time being spoiled! The dolls are adorable-I know they will love them! Happy Easter!ReplyCancel

  • Gale - I hope by now your little sweeties are over jet lag and enjoying time with grandma. Love the dolls you made and now I have to make some for my two grandgirls. Thanks for posting the photos of your two beautiful girls.ReplyCancel

  • JulieZ - Have a wonderful time with your family! Is an Easter egg hunt planned?ReplyCancel

  • RuthB - Oh Anne I’m so happy for you getting to visit with your grandkids. They are adorable! As a grandma I know that holding and loving your grandbabies is the very best medicine and your heart with sing with joy. Nothing better in the world.ReplyCancel

  • Anita - What adorable grand babies! Love the little dolls you made too, didn’t know the mermaid was interchangeable.ReplyCancel

  • Theresia Brouns - I just read that your family has returned to Germany, and I know just how empty you and your house will feel for at least a few hours or a day. You’ll miss them all the time they’re not there, but those few hours after the door closes behind them, you feel so empty. As an 11 year old I came to the states from Holland, and missed everyone there so much. I was an army wife for 21 yrs. Fourteen of those years we spent in Europe, where I saw my dutch relatives a lot, but my parents would visit only once a year (they’d also visit their parents in NL). Then our oldest served 20 years in the army, and we probably spent no more than a total of 6 months (if that) with our granddaughters. Now the granddaughters are in college on opposite sides of the country, and the son is with the state dept. as a foreign service officer. He will be going to Madagascar next. Take heart, you do get used to some of it, and you learn to be happy just knowing they’re happy and healthy. However, those door closing moments will always have that empty ring to them. Hugs to you from someone who knows how it feels.ReplyCancel