It’s time for the kitty block on the Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots quilt along!  “Here kitty kitty” will get you a surprising welcome at my house, so this block is the perfect one for me.


Oh wait, that’s the wrong picture!  I was going to put this one in later when I told you what kitty inspired my block.  Oh well, It’s better you know right up front.

Kitty full size blockThis block was inspired by my Moocher’s cat.  I know you’re saying “what a name for a cat”, but remember she’s one of a kind.  You can read her story here.   Moochers was in the studio with me this morning while I was watching Kimberly Jolly’s video on how to make this block.  Kim happened to mention her in the video and Moochers’ got really excited!  I told her not to get too excited because she didn’t say her name directly, but it was too late.  It had already gone to her head.  Of course Moochers missed the key words like “huge” and “scared me” but I’m not going to point that out to her.  What she didn’t miss was that I didn’t give her a pink collar!  I tried to make it up to her by promising to add some pearls.

Kitty with beaded collar (1 of 1)

She seemed to like that idea…


Or at least I think she did.  Hard to tell with her.

Have a great time making your kitty block!  Moochers sends her love.

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