I’m back from Quilt Market and feel like I have a fever…Doxie Dog Fever!  These little dogs were a hit at market. Apparently a lot of you are Doxie lovers.  There’s something about those little long bodies and big droopy ears that we all seem to love.

LuluHere’s the real life Lulu sleeping on my sweater when I was dog sitting her…

The real LuluNow that she’s inspired a quilt I wonder if it will all go to her head?

Doxie Dog

The Doxie Dog Quilt is traveling back from Quilt Market and I’m working on the pattern now.  I’ll have it on the website soon.  We’re still taking pre-orders for kits if you’d like one.

Doxies are popping up all over.  I follow the Handmade Charlotte blog and she’s made a candy bar doxie that the cutest thing ever!  You can make one too, if you click on the link to her blog!  Her directions are great!

Remember in my last blog post I said I’d bring some treats back from Quilt Market?  If you are one of the first 10 comments on my last post, email me your address.  You’re in for a treat!

I’ll be back soon to tell you about my favorite “find” from Quilt Market.



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