It’s 8 days and counting until the next heart pattern is here.  I hope you’re excited!  Here’s a little hint for the Snow Happy Hearts  theme for February;  you can use it as a Valentine, and you may want to make more than one.


Some of you have asked about the heart fabrics for the rest of the year.  Here’s what I’ve selected from Mistletoe Lane:  February is the pretty pink plaid at the top left, and December is the red snowflakes on the bottom right.  When you’re choosing fabrics, just make sure they look good together.  You may want to use them in a garland, or to decorate a tree.  If you like the look of your heart fabrics when you lay them out in a row, chances are you’ll love them when the hearts are made.



If you’ve got some scraps of wool or wool felt (especially brown) grab them.  They work perfectly for some of the smaller applique pieces coming up.  No, you don’t absolutely have to have wool or felt.  You can use fabric instead, but here’s a hint:  It’s easier to make a tiny bird from felt than fabric.

I just found out from Moda that our Primitive Muslin Flannel is still 2 to 3 weeks from shipping.  If you’re waiting for ours to arrive, it won’t be until February. The color is called Daisy and you can find who has it in stock by doing a Google search.  1/2 yd will make all the snowmen and give you extra for a few more.  Yes, I want you to buy it from me, but I also don’t want you to have to wait.

If you’ve haven’t heard,  I’ve started a Facebook group for Snow Happy Hearts.   This is the first time I’ve done a group and I think it’s going to be fun.  Just send a request through Facebook to join then post pictures of your hearts, ask questions, and share any ideas you have.  Here’s another hint:  I’m going to give away 2 Mistletoe Lane Layer cakes to two of the members very soon.  Here’s the link to my Facebook Snow Happy Hearts Group.

Hope you’re having a great January!  Can you believe it’s almost over?



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