Organizing in 2015

Just three days into the New Year and I can feel the excitement.  I’ve been reading so many good blog posts on how to get organized,  de-cluttered and make life simpler. My favorite posts have come from The Inspired Room. Melissa breaks everything down into doable things and she makes me want to get started right away.  I have to admit when I walked into our pantry this morning, I turned right around and walked back out.  I’m missing the one thing I need…a scheduled day to pull everything out and start over. And maybe a helper and bag carrier to assist.  It’s so much more fun to do this horrid job with someone else.   :>)

I’ve decided that maybe if I work for an hour or even 1/2 hour each week on organizing, I might get something accomplished.  I do know I have to schedule the time and write it into my planner, or it will never get done.

Do you have any organizing plans you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear them and maybe pick up an idea or two.  I’ll be concentrating on my sewing studio this year and as I think up ideas I’ll share them with you!

 25% off sale starting on Monday!

Don’t you love those sales where everything is 25% off?  We have one starting on January 5th and running for three days.  I’m giving my blog readers advance notice so you can check out our website and decide if there’s anything you need.  I just added a kit that’s perfect for Valentines Day, called Here’s My Heart.  You’ll find it here on my website and on Monday you’ll find it marked down 25%!  No code is needed (we hope).  With our new website we’re able to schedule sales in advance so keep your fingers crossed it works for us!

Here's My Heart from Bunny Hill Designs

Here’s My Heart from Bunny Hill Designs

Free Pattern?

So many people email to ask if I have another free block of the month for this year.  No, I just can’t fit it in and do justice to the other things I’m working on.  Instead, I’ve come up with something for you I’m calling the Snow Happy Hearts Club.   I’ve designed 12 heart ornaments, one for each month of the year.  Starting January 5th. you’ll find one pattern a month here on my blog,  website and in my newsletter.  Download the patterns using Adobe Acrobat Reader (it’s free, but I uncheck the box that says download McAfee Security),  I think you’ll find  a lot of uses for these hearts.  I’ll be sharing some ideas with you.

Welcome to 2015 everyone.  I can’t wait to spend 2015 with you!



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