I was going through pictures today and I found some of Moochers my cat.

Moochers, I can’t believe we named her that, the poor cat.  She was such a frail thing when she found us, and the name didn’t fit at all.  But there we were in the vet’s office and they asked me her name.  Moochers was all that came to mind, so Moochers it was.

When she found us she was starving

When she found us she was starving

I think that’s why she’s giving me this look.  She just can’t believe I named her that!

You've named me what?

You’ve named me what?

Over time the name grew to fit her.  Or, maybe she grew to fit the name?   Hummm…




 Now she’s a “huge” part of our family and I dare say she’s probably the only cat ever named Moochers.  She comes when she’s called and I take that as a sign she likes her name.


She even looks like a Moochers now.  No starving cats in this house!

Moochers now

She’s getting older and like all of us, she’s starting to show a bit of age.  The fur above her eyes may be thinning but her body sure isn’t.

She’ll be helping me decorate for Christmas this week.  She loves to participate in everything, especially if it involves a pillow.  Have you started decorating yet?  Do you start right after Thanksgiving?


Fyi, we’re working on our blog over the next week trying to fix a few things.  Hopefully our link page will be back soon!


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