Last night while you were sleeping we launched our new website.  As with anything new, it may take us a few days to work out any glitches, but I’m hoping we don’t have any!  We’ve tested it, and then tested it again, and like a mother pushing a bird out of the nest, last night I said to let it go.

 New site


Here’s a few exciting things about our new site:

See those little plus signs next to Patterns, Fabrics, Threads & Embellishments in the picture above?  If you click on them you’ll find a drop down box with selections.

PDF patterns:  Yes we’re trying them out!  We’ve started with our Bunny Hill Petites and we’ll add a few more as we go along. You’ll need to set up an account to buy a PDF pattern.  Your PDF will be available to download 3 times.  You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Compare, make a wish list or email to a friend, you can do all three on our new site.  I hope you’ll have fun with this.

Check out as a guest, or set up your own account and create a password.  Now you have a choice!  If you set up an account you can check your order status and see if it’s shipped.  Oh the wonder of modern technology!

If your order totals over $150.00 we’ll give you Free Shipping.

The pictures enlarge to a great size. Click on them once and then click again to get the “big picture”.

I hope you enjoy touring our new site.  Please be patient with us for a few days as make any adjustments necessary.

Email me if you have any questions or problems.  I’m here for you this weekend.


Here’s the link:



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