What kind of quilter are you?

Are you a “clutter” quilter or a “neatness” quilter?  Just look around your sewing area and you’ll know.  Are you surrounded with stacks of fabric and tables filled with works in progress, or do you have a place for everything and only one project out at a time?

I’m a neatness quilter and I can only function for a short time in a messy space.  When we’re working on new patterns my studio always becomes a disaster.  I’m forced to become the clutter quilter, and I’m not fit to live with.  I start thinking about throwing things out, rearranging furniture, giving things away and other drastic measures.

Last week my studio was such a mess my husband finally came to the rescue.  The minute he heard me talking about rearranging furniture he jumped in to help.  I’m sure he was picturing days of work.  He’s the one who moves everything around and then after a few days of “trying it out” I inevitably ask him to move everything back.

It was his idea to condense my wool collection from 3 large baskets down to one.  We took the vintage container I purchased from Dreamy Whites and filled it with all my wool.  I love the way it looks and now my wool is in one place.


Wool Collection

Wool Collection

We continued working around the studio, putting things away, finding homes for the new fabrics, and generally cleaning up.  By the time we finished it felt so great!  The Bella’s were arranged by color and number so they’re easy for me to find.

Moda Bella Collection at Bunny Hill

Moda Bella Collection at Bunny Hill

The cutting table was cleared and I could actually breathe again!  It was instantly satisfying and I no longer felt the need to rearrange.  So who’s the smart one?  I think it’s my husband, because by spending a little time helping me get organized he saved himself days of moving furniture around.  I can get back to pattern writing and maybe even finish reading my new Louise Penny book, “The Long Way Home”.  (I read on Louise Penny’s Facebook page that the book has already gone into a second printing and I was beyond happy to read that she’s back at home after the book tour, writing again!)

FYI, I’ve put a new link on my sidebar to “Instagram“.  I had some Instagram lessons a few week ago and I’ll be posting more pictures here.  If you haven’t tried it, sign up.  It’s really fun!

Back soon,



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  • DeAnna Dodson - Oh, how beautiful is your sewing room!!

    And what a sweetie your husband is to help you get it all pretty. :DReplyCancel

  • Patricia G Hayes - I am like you, I cannot stand a messy quilting area. Went and bought several plastic containers w/handles so the five projects that I am working on are safely inside, I can, this way, grab on the way to a guild meeting, cottage group, or when I decide what project I wish to work on at a particular time.
    I find I cannot keep starting new projects which I dearly love to do but this way going to one or another I find I get excited like I was starting a new project with my area fairly neat now.
    Your hubby is a terrific keeper, ahah.ReplyCancel

  • Linda - I am a mixture of both. I have neat stashes in containers and alos several projects in various stages of completion. I am in love with wool applique but also want to learn machine quilting. Not enough hours in the day for me. :)ReplyCancel

  • Barb - I like neat and orderly the best but . . . Sometimes things just get out of control – you know how that goes. Too many projects started, too many projects that I want to make and never enough time.

    Your space is so lovely – I love that rack of fabric – so pretty and colorful. Your husband is so generous to help you.ReplyCancel

  • Hildy - I confess: I’m more of a clutter quilter with a bit organization thrown in. I have my places where everything I need is and my fabric is sorted by colors in bins but it can easily go out of controll and I just don’t care to much about it. I’m better if it’s a bit messy around me because I’m a bit more creative this way. Perhaps I need a husband?ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - I’m both. Inherently an organized person, but when I’m working on a project and pulling fabrics from several areas, things get messy. On the bright side, I can usually find what I’m looking for :) I love that your wool is so neatly arranged in little bundles.ReplyCancel

  • Pam Seaberg - I think I am a little of both. When I am deciding on what fabrics to use, I have them out, all over the place. But, at the end of the day, I like to have everything put in piles.ReplyCancel

  • becky m - I’m a neatness quilter forced to be a messy quilter. My room is the dining room and it’s not set up for quilting and my husband doesn’t want to “let” me change it (which is silly because we’ll never eat among the mess I’ve created!). So I try to tolerate the mess I quilt in and dream of the day I can get beautiful shelves like yours. You married a smart man! And he organizes well!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Martin - I try to be a neat quilter, but things seem to get out of hand quickly–it always gets to a point where I just have to stop and reorganize before going any further. I do work on several things at a time—I’m always excited to start something new!ReplyCancel

  • Bernie - I am a clutter quilter. I would love to be neater, but it never lasts. I hate that I spend half my life looking for stuff.ReplyCancel

  • Betty Grove - I’m a neatness quilter, but still find it necessary to clean after I finish a project. While I try to put things back after I use them I will invariably lay something down in the wrong place. I am an “organized quilter.” I label everything and everything has its own bin or drawer, there are times when I think I’m overdoing it; but it works for me. I usually have two projects going at the same time, so that if I get stuck on one or just get bored I can switch out and then come back renewed. Quilting is the only hobby that I have that gives me complete contentment and even when I’m tense I can go to my sewing room and find calm.ReplyCancel

  • rosa - I`m a mix of both-I enjoy working on several projects have every project in his bag.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - (sigh) I want to be you!ReplyCancel

  • Teresa Duryea Wong - Your fabric storage and the photos and everything about it is just luscious. I have been wanting to collect all the solids and display them this way. Love this. Thanks for inspiring.ReplyCancel

  • Anne Manly - I would so love to have enough room to be as totally neat as I crave to be – BUT!!! It unfortunately doesn’t work that way so I just struggle through – and my sweet husband has also been a help by building my storage shelves. Also glad to hear that you’re a Louise Penny fan – I waited anxiously for this last installment of my favorite Three Pines characters! Happy stitching and happy reading!ReplyCancel

  • tammy - What a lovely collection of fabrics- they look so nice all neat and organized. I am in envy as I am definitely a “messy quilter”.

    happy quiltingReplyCancel

  • Lorraine Isaac - I wish I was not so messy but I think it’s because I have such a small spaceReplyCancel