It’s quilt market weekend and I’m living it vicariously through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can too, if you put in the hashtags, #quiltmarket or #showmethemoda in one of your apps.  Here’s a picture I found on Twitter just a bit ago.  It’s 2 of my friends, Kimberly at Fat Quarter Shop and Doug Leko from Antler Designs.  Love these two so much!  If I were there, they’d be getting a big hug.  Kimberly & Doug at Spring Quilt Market 2014

Or, how about this one I found on Facebook saying Moda won 1st place for multiple booths?  1st place, isn’t that great?  See that pretty lady at the bottom of the picture?  That’s Holly, and she’s usually the creative force in charge of the booth design.  Yeahhh Moda!  You rock!

1st Place for Multiple Booths at #quiltmarket !!!!

I’ve been quiet here because I’m working like crazy on new patterns. It takes an army to achieve this, and thanks to my worker bees, new patterns will be finished in just a few weeks. I hadn’t planned on doing many patterns because, as some of you know, I’m helping my DIL through chemo (she only has one more treatment to go).  But, I just counted and we have 9 new patterns coming! Nine!!! Four are little Punchneedle projects, and of course we have another Petite pattern. We’ve also got a new Block of the Month, two smaller wall quilts and a wool applique pillow. Pretty good for not going to Market don’t you think?  I’ll have pictures very soon.

I needed a break this morning from all the pattern stuff, so Ross and I took the doggies on an outing to the Farmer’s Market.  Here’s Milkshake and Chelsea in their car seats, as we arrived at the market.   It’s a bit shady in the photo so I hope you can still see Chelsea in her pink car seat.

Milkshake gets so excited when we take her, she starts howling and “talking” as soon as we’re a block away.  I think she can smell the veggies.  LOL!

Buckle up! Milkshake & Chelsea in their car seats.

Of course we don’t take them into the actual market, because dogs aren’t allowed.  One of us walks them around the block while the other one shops and then we trade-off.   They love to visit with all the people and smell all the new smells.  Our Farmer’s Market outing is a treat for everyone.

 I always get buy mushrooms for Risotto, but how do you choose when the selection looks this good?

Mushrooms at the local Farmer's Market

Mushrooms at the local Farmer’s Market

…and more mushrooms

and when I saw these, I had to buy some of each.

Local Apricots and Cherries at the Farmer's Market.

Local Apricots and Cherries at the Farmer’s Market.

Then I came home and munched away while I worked on writing patterns.  I think the apricots have a great vitamin that helps with pattern writing.

If you’re having a wonderful dinner in Pittsburgh now, surrounded by friends, I’m jealous.  If you’re still standing in line to get into a restaurant, and you can’t hear anyone talk because of the noise, I’m not so jealous.

Hugs to everyone,



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