On my quest to find another dog for our family, I’ve met the most AMAZING people.  Rescue Angels, I’m calling you.  You work so hard to save an endless number of animals, and your courage and faith amaze me.  What surprises me the most is how many of you there are!

From Jean’s sister, who helps in the Tracy, CA area ( Animal Rescue in Tracy)  to Laila who put me in contact with the people at Animal Compassion Team  in Fresno, CA, I am in awe of the network of people who help homeless animals.  I learned of a group who help get shelter animals adopted by posting Instagram pictures.  I found out that the Fresno area has so many small dogs, they work with other rescues and fly them to parts of the country where small dogs are scarce.  The things you all do to help are wonderful.

It was when I came upon the Toy Fox Terrier Rescue on Facebook that I found the dog for us.  When I saw her, I knew I had to have her.  Her name is Milkshake and she joined our family last week.   She’s made herself right at home and captured all of our hearts.


Thanks to Leslie and Patty from the rescue, and Carol who fostered Milkshake with such love, I know we’ve made the right match.  She’s just so sweet!

Milkshake in the studio

 She spends the day in the studio, right along with Chelsea.

Milkshake and Chelsea

Milkshake 2

And at night while we watch TV, she cuddles in the pillows.

Milkshake 3

She turned 11 at the end of September and she’s getting a little gray, but I happen to love the color.

She’s a rescue dog who has a new home.  We love her like she’s been here forever!

A thank you goes out to each and every one of you who help these animals find new homes.  Thank you to those who foster, those who transport, and those who work to coordinate.  Without you there wouldn’t be cuddles on the couch, or happy endings.




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