Pets are a source of continuous smiles for most of us, but taking photos of them is something we don’t do often enough.  There are endless photo moments I don’t want to miss, so I’ve begun carrying my iPhone in my pocket so I can snap a picture anytime.  For example…


Pumpkin knows the secrets of camouflage. Lay really still and curl up in a big wood bowl, no one will notice you.  Well, almost no one.  I don’t recommend this as a decorating idea, but Pumpkin sure thought it was great.


…and Chelsea’s been playing around with my iPhone taking self portraits.  I hope she doesn’t start doing Instagram!

Self Portrait

Karen Scott (one of my blog readers) shared these photos of her dog Sapphire, meeting the “Bitty Bunny” she just made.   Seems to me it’s a case of one gentle soul meeting another gentle soul.  I’m so glad she had her camera to capture this moment!

Sapphire and Bitty

Gentle Sapphire

…and here’s Mooch dreaming of a pedicure I’m sure.  Lazy Cat

Our pets share our world more than anyone else, so get those cameras and phones out.   Start capturing those priceless moments that make you smile.  Pledge to take more pet photos and you’ll be so glad you did!

Sunday hugs to you and your pets!


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