My friend Nancy (she does most of the piecing for Bunny Hill) brought over her Dear Jane quilt this week to share with us.  She’s an excellent quilter so we knew we were in for a treat.

It took her a little over 4 years to complete all the blocks and assemble the quilt.  She sent the quilt to Ohio to be hand quilted by an Amish quilter, and she just got it back last weekend.  The quilt has over 200 blocks and each block is quilted with a different pattern.  I could look at this quilt for days and never see enough.  These photos can’t begin to capture its beauty!


Dear jane

Dear Jane 2

Dear Jane 3

Border Close-up

We laid it out on the floor so I could try and get a full photo…

Dear Jane 5

…and two of our Bunny Hill workers got right  onto the center of the quilt.  You’d think they’d know better.  I just couldn’t believe it!

Chelsea and Bitsy 1

Each one blamed the other when I told them to get OFF the quilt.  I think one of them looked a bit more guilty than the other.

Chelsea and Bitsy

Nancy didn’t mind and I was so relieved.  Geeez…I’m going to have to put these workers through some training.  They need to wear white gloves when touching a quilt like this.

It’s an amazing quilt and it’s going to Vermont this summer for a show.  I’ll let you know when I get more information on the show, just in case you’re in the area.


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