Bunny Hill Wool

I’ve been so wrapped up in wool I’m in heaven!  I feel like I’m playing with paper dolls and it’s so much fun.  It just doesn’t get any better than this…unless you box up some Valdani Pearl Cotton to go with it!


Valdani & Bunny Hill Wool

These are the new Bunny Hill Pastel wools from Moda Fabrics and they’re in my studio right now!  I’m working on lots of new patterns to go with these yummy colors and I can’t wait to show you!   Ok, maybe one little sneak peek…

Bunny Hill Wool Project

Kim and I have been stitching  up a storm.  Kim’s only been stitching for a year and look at those stitches!  She’s a natural :>)

Stitching on wool with Valdani Pearl Cotton is so much fun!

Coming to a shop near you in May of this year, Bunny Hill Pastel Wool from Moda!



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