Rain, rain go away

It’s been pouring rain and the wind is howling at the door.  It’s a less than subtle reminder that winter comes to all of us, ready or not.   Roses drenched in rain, are still blooming in our yard, just waiting to dance in the wind with our Christmas lights.  Who knew December would be here so quickly and with such force?

We should have planned ahead, I told my husband, because it’s supposed to rain all weekend and we haven’t put up the lights yet.   I caught him smiling as he watched the rain through the window.


Ha!  Just let him think he’s getting out of putting up lights this year.   As gloomy as it looks outside, I know it can’t last forever.   The rain will pass and he’ll have no excuse.  He’ll have to get up on the ladder soon.  :>)

I’ll be doing a bit of Christmas decorating myself this weekend, with the thought of my granddaughter Lily’s tiny hands touching the tree.  She’s coming all the way from Germany, along with her mom and dad, to visit for Christmas.   I think I’ll keep the mercury glass ornaments in the boxes, away from a toddler’s curious hands.  Instead, I’m going to do some creative tree decorating this year that should almost be baby proof.  I’ll show you pictures next week.

Pumpkin Update:

Pumpkin is doing so great.  We’ve been able to leave the cone off his head because he hasn’t once tried to paw at his stitches.   I tried to take some pictures for you but it seems he’s afraid of the camera.  Even the telephoto lens doesn’t work with him.  The minute he looked across the room and saw me with the camera, he went running.   I had to resort to being sneaky.  I waited a bit and took a photo with my phone…

His stitches come out on Monday, but his Mohawk will be here for awhile.  Maybe he’ll be a happy house cat by the time his fur grows in.  Right now he’s still pawing at the door and I think he’d go out even in the pouring rain.  We’re watching the doors carefully as we go in and out.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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  • Lynette - Aww, poor Pumpkin. Tell him he’s still gorgeous. And it could be worse! Our Koko will tell him how very, very bad it is when they completely shave a 2″ x 6″ swathe off the side of a Siamese to do a heart scan! lol Poor boy. That was in July, it’s finally now grown back in.ReplyCancel

  • Jenniffier - The rose picture is beautiful. I am glad your kitty can keep his cone off. I hope he feels better soon.ReplyCancel

  • Debbie St. Germain - My son’s cat always tries to escape, but I keep her in and she has settled down.
    I also have a stray that I found in the back yard. He hated being inside, but one day he came in and he hasn’t gone out since. He realized it was much nicer in a warm and comfy home, so just give pumpkin some time to know, this is his new home.


  • mimi'sdarlins - Hi, Anne. Seems to me that if Pumpkin gets a taste of the nasty weather you have currently, he might be content to be inside by the fire. I’m glad he is healing so well. It’s too bad he’s so camera shy, he sure is pretty. He looks much like my youngest son’s cat from many years ago, who he named Peaches. My dear little Max’s mama and Peaches were litter mates.
    Your roses are so beautiful! How nice you still have them in bloom. BTW, I am still waiting for my hubby to put up the outdoor lights, too :)ReplyCancel

  • Anne C. - Glad that Pumpkin is feeling better!ReplyCancel

  • erika - What a sweet blessing to took this poor cat in and all the vet care. Hope hes feeling well soon and decides to stay indoors.ReplyCancel

  • Melody - How wonderful dear little Lily is coming to visit at Christmas time. Christmas through the eyes of a child is so much more magical. What a darling Pumpkin is and very beautiful too.ReplyCancel

  • Laura L. - Pumpkin is so beautiful . . . even with his mohawk :o) He also looks a bit like Garfield. What kind of personality does he have? Is he curious, affectionate, or playful? Does he get along with your other pets? I hope you & your family have a wonderful Christmas together! What a blessing to have family from afar join with you at this special time of year!ReplyCancel

  • Jo - Here is the first snow today yes !!
    Perfect day to install Christmas ornements …oh! have fun with your granddaugther, it will be so nice certainly.
    Poor Pumkin he’s too cute with her mohawk lol !
    Have a nice we !!ReplyCancel

  • Barb - How exciting that Lily and her mom & dad will join you for this holiday. It truly is family that makes the holidays special.

    Pumpkin is a beautiful cat – Mohawk and all!! And so very lucky to be a part of the Sutton family.

    I’m looking forward to pictures of your Christmas tree and good luck getting the lights up outside, too.ReplyCancel

    • Linda - I love to hear the stories about your pets. I have a cat we call Chadwick.He found us in 2008 and decided to stay.He is a very social cat, but rules the surrounding neighbourhood. Hes had a few bucket head experiences and he is pleased to see pumpkin is free of it.We are hoping for a warm and wind free christmas.ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - I already thought your were wonderful because of your immense talent and your charming blog. But now I think you are even more wonderful because you rescue animals in distress and give them a loving home. So glad that Pumpkin is on the mend. He looks like a sweetie.ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - oops, I meant to say YOU were wonderful.ReplyCancel

  • Debra - You really are wonderful to take such good care of homeless pets. Pumpkin is a very handsome boy I hope he does settle in to his new home well.

    How wonderful to have your family home for Christmas I’m sure you are counting the hours till they arrive.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - I am so happy for you that your baby is coming for Christmas! It will be so special with her!

    Pumpkin looks great considering all he’s been through. I hope he sticks around. He doesn’t know how lucky he is to have found you!ReplyCancel

  • ina - I hope Mooch isn’t able to open the door….competition needs to be voted off the island! ;pReplyCancel

  • Lynda - You and your fantastic husband have done it again. All of our cats are rescues that we get from rescue organizations. Yours are rescues who select *you*!!

    I think Pumpkin is rockin’ his Mohawk *and* the neon green stitches. That boy has some ‘tude, which probably helped him survive, and I think you should keep him in his Mohawk because of that. :))ReplyCancel