This week has just flown by.  Just as I put the newsletter out last Monday,  Kim (she’s the one who personally takes care of all of you) came down with the stomach flu.  We were doing fine until about 1PM and then this awful bug hit…it took her down for the week.

Robin and I are keeping our fingers crossed that we’ve killed this bug with Lysol.   I’ve sprayed everything I can think of and so far so good.  I hope none of you have had this bug.  I got my flu shot but I’m not sure this is what they consider the actual flu.

When Kim comes back tomorrow this will be waiting!  It’s a stack of Cosmo embroidery thread that’s waiting to be put into kits I’m taking to Portland this week!

Where am I going in Portland?  I’m visiting one of my favorite quilt shops, Holly Hill!   They are hosting their annual workshop called Homespun & Holly and I’ll be there with several other Moda designers:  Polly and Laurie from Minick & Simpson, Karla from Sweetwater and Kathy Schmitz.  Each of us has a surprise project and we’ll be bringing a kit for everyone attending.  The shop is filled with fabric, kits and treasures.  Here are pictures of the shop from last year:

This kind of shop doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes hard work year around and Jan and Brian work harder than anyone I know.

 If you ever get a chance to visit this shop, plan on spending some time. There’s so much to look at and so many things to buy.  It’s a quilter’s heaven!

Back soon,


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