We have kits on the website now. More than we’ve ever had before!

 The Abc’s of Life Quilt Kit

We only  have 2 kits left in pink and 1 kit left in blue.  You can buy the fabrics separately but isn’t it nice when someone’s done all the shopping for you?  You’ll need to add a pattern to the kit if you don’t already have it.  I didn’t include it because so many of you already purchased it.

 Baby Cakes Quilt Kit in Pink or Blue!

It’s not often I make a quilt without applique, but sometimes I just need some easy piecing.  Baby Cakes is yummy piecing in pink and brown.  Once we’d made it in pink I just had to see it in blue too, so we made a second quilt.  I’m in love with both colors.  The Baby Cakes kit includes the pattern.

Lambkins Quilt Kit in Pink or Blue!

Lambkins is a baby quilt you can personalize!  Our kits come with a full alphabet panel and directions for names up to 7 letters long.  Of course we have  kits in either pink or blue.  Lambkins kits also include a pattern!

We have kits for Christmas too!

Snowballs in a kit!

What fun!  Ribbon, wool, floss, buttons and a pattern.  Snowballs is ready to stitch.

Snow Pockets is back in stock!

The pattern is free on my blog or website.


 You can find all the kits here.

Mollie Makes 19 is here …

…and a new Christmas magazine from the UK called Handmade Christmas!

Just in case this isn’t enough, I have new patterns coming November 5th!

Back soon!  Yes, before November 5th.  :>)

Happy Monday everyone!

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