If you received our newsletter this morning you know we have new kits available.  Our new kits are so yummy we all want one, even me!  I would love to get a kit in the mail, open it up and be able to start on another quilt.  The thought of working slowly, without the pressure of a deadline just sounds delightful.


Here’s our ABC quilt kit and on the bottom of the package are 20 fat quarters of the prettiest Winsdor Lane fabrics ever.  :>)

Inside the ABC kit we’ve included a Chenille needle.  The wording on the quilt calls for 6 strands of embroidery floss and it’s not easy trying to get 6 strands through a regular embroidery needle.  The Chenille needle is easy to thread and still sharp enough for embroidery.  Without it you wouldn’t be happy and I can’t have that.

We’ll make this kit up in blue if you request it.  This quilt needs the Windsor Lane alphabet panel so make sure you order while we have the panels in stock.  I’ll have extra panels left over after we finish making kits and I’ll put them on the website soon.  It’d be smart to add one to your stash just in case!

We also have kits for Lambkins in pink or blue.

This quilt falls into the easy category and our kit makes it even easier!

If you’re not thinking about babies and have Christmas on your mind instead, our Snowballs kit is just the right thing!   Doesn’t it look like fun?

We’ll be making kits for Baby Cakes and Olivia Owl soon!  I’ll let you know when we have them ready.

Do you have great plans for this weekend?  My last quilt for market is finally at the quilter’s so now I just have patterns to write!  That’s my plan for the weekend, working on patterns in-between all the new shows I’ve taped to watch.

  Have a great weekend everyone!


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