I’m a paisley snob no doubt about it.  I have certain criteria that must be met before I like a paisley fabric:

1.  The size of the paisley must be right, not too small or large.

2.  It can’t be dense or my eyes will cross.

3.  Must be plenty of background behind the paisley so it stands on its own.

4.  The colors have to be soft like a water-color to speak to me.  :>)


Have you ever thought in such terms when you look at a paisley fabric?   Oh no!  Maybe you’ll become a paisley snob too and you’ll blame me!

My love affair with paisley started in Paris several years ago.  I found myself rummaging through the flea markets looking for treasures. When I came upon some old drawings from vintage lace I got very excited.   There was a paisley in the drawings like no other!  It was beautiful and I knew it was a treasure!   You never want to look too excited in a flea market where you don’t speak the language…it will cost you money for sure. I had my daughter in law with me who speaks fluent French.  It’s a good thing or I probably would have ended up paying a fortune for the drawing!

Here’s the drawing in the picture below.   The paper was starting to tear along the edges, and it felt like old newsprint.   Elke did the bargaining for me and I bought it for 80 euros.  We rolled it up, packaged it in a tube and I brought it home.  A year later when I was working on Windsor Lane I decided to add it to the fabric collection.  It took me forever to re-create this paisley to get it just right.  I am in awe of the original artist who drew it with just a pencil in the 1800’s.

 Here’s the paisley re-created for Windsor Lane :

And now, because of my trip to Paris, we can all make things with this beautiful paisley!

I’m thinking of napkins for my Thanksgiving table, drapes for a baby’s room, duvet covers, pillows, dresses and on and on.

Windsor Lane Paisley!   I hope you love it! My fabric just arrived at Bunny Hill late yesterday and we’ll be unpacking it today.  We’ll start on kits this week!

Yes,  I ordered extra of the paisley.  I couldn’t resist.

Check out the sale section on my website…I just added past issues of magazines at 50 to 75% off.  It’s time to clear the shelves for new things to come!

Back soon,
















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