One happy dog

Packages are arriving addressed to Chelsea and I’m sure the mail lady is wondering why.  Chelsea is loving it!  Look at this little mouse that just arrived from Laura Klebs.  It’s hand knit with the softest mohair and it looks so similar to the original grey mouse.   Isn’t it just the sweetest?

Or, how about this one?  It’s hand knit by Jennifer over at The Thrifty NeedleShe’s one of my  favorite customers and I couldn’t believe it when she took the time to knit Chelsea a mouse!

And then today, all the way from Australia, came this mouse from Melody Daly one of my blog readers.  I love her blog, The House on the Side of the Hill and I love this little mouse!

These little mice came from another blog reader, Jan Flink, who makes them for charity.

Can you see what’s been happening here?  Can a dog get spoiled if she’s the center of attention for too long?  I swear when I took her for a walk this morning I looked down and her head looked a little bigger.  I have to say she’s smiling every day!  :>)

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


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  • Melody - I’m so glad Chelsea’s little mouse got there safely.ReplyCancel

  • Donna Liljegren - How wonderful that all your friends are sending surprise mice for Chelsea! It’s always fun to visit and see what’s going on in your corner of the world.
    Happy Weekend, Anne and Chelsea!
    Donna and TagReplyCancel

  • Martine - Un début de collection pour Chelsea.ReplyCancel

  • Clara - Such sweet and thoughtful ladies!! Chelsea is adorable and very deserving!!ReplyCancel

  • Missy - That is so sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Barb - These little mice are so adorable! Miss Chelsea is one very lucky girl. Obviously, we all love her and don’t want her to be unhappy that she lost her favorite mouse. Would Miss Chelsea line up all of her new mousies and take a photo with them all? How much fun would that be??

    p.s. Do you think Bitsy might be a bit jealous now? And is it possible that one of the cats may have …ahem, ‘borrowed’ her mouse? Just asking…ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Oh my, these are all so sweet! And what thoughtful readers, too. Chelsea will have a lifetime supply :)ReplyCancel

  • Cindy Sharp - That is too much fun.ReplyCancel

  • Laura K - Oh I am so glad it got there okay. I was afraid the mess up on the envelope might throw the post office off! I hope she enjoys her new mouse as much as I enjoyed making it for her! My two daughters got a kick out of seeing a picture of the mouse they watched me make on the internet. Thank you for making their day!ReplyCancel

  • Miss Jean - I always say that quilters are the most generous people. I’ll have to add knitters to that as well. She’s going to have to share with Bitsy now.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie in MI - That is so sweet!ReplyCancel

  • ina - I’m sure it won’t go to her head…she’s a sensible dog! ;pReplyCancel

  • Vickie E - so sweet…ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - Bet she has a certain wiggle in her walk now that she is so special!!ReplyCancel

  • Louise - Oh my, how loved Chelsea is..the mice are all so adorable. Lucky little pup..ReplyCancel

  • Carrie P. - so cute! She will end up having one to play with every day of the week, maybe for a whole month. bloggers are so generous even for little pups.ReplyCancel

  • Jo - What a lucky dog lol !
    All mice were so cute …
    Have a nice we you and ChelseaReplyCancel

  • Kathinca - One lucky dog! Never mind the identitycrisis *grin*. My dog is slightly bigger than yours and keeps dragging around a fleece blanket when people show up. He thinks he is human *frown*ReplyCancel

  • Kath - Oh Chelsea…. love your mice and the way you carry it around to show it off to visitors. How kind of others to send replacement mice…. I hope that you will chose wisely as to your favourite. You put a smile on my face and I am not a doggy person particularly. Vacuum cleaners have a lot to answer to…..ReplyCancel