Chelsea’s Mouse

Years ago I bought this little knit mouse when Martha Stewart had her website.  We’ve had it for years and it’s become Chelsea’s very favorite dog toy.  She adores this mouse and every time someone comes to visit she runs to grab it and show it off.  She carries it around with her, watches over it in her bed and generally treats it like her baby.

So you know what’s coming…the mouse is missing.  We’ve looked everywhere, under beds, furniture, in the couches and chairs…we just can’t find it.  I’m afraid it may have been sucked up in the vacuum by accident.  I’m sending out a plea…does anyone know where I can get another mouse similar to this one?  If you see any when you’re out and about please let me know.  It’s a simple knitted mouse that’s stuffed and just the right size for her to carry around.

Now when someone stops by, she doesn’t know what to grab to show them.  It’s sad to watch!  I’ve done Google searches for “knitted mouse” and the only thing I can find are directions to knit my own.  I haven’t knitted in years so that’s not an option.  If one of you happen to know how to knit I’d be happy to trade a block of the month pattern for a mouse.  HELP!

Moda Designer’s Blog Hop!

Guess what’s starting on the 5th of September?  It’s a Moda designer blog hop!   This is going to be fun because each designer has a giveaway and a free “Moda Candy” pattern for you!  Get that binder ready to fill because there’s a lot of free patterns!  Click on the link below for the list of designers scheduled for each day.  Just 5 more days and the fun begins!

Back soon!  I hope you’re having a great weekend!


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