What can you do with a layer cake?  If it happens to be a Junior Layer Cake from Windsor Lane you can really have some fun!  Junior layer cakes have 20 fabrics 10″ x 10″ and they are perfect for our Petite patterns!   1 Junior layer cake = 10 petites or more!  I love these layer cakes because they’re affordable ($22.00) and they’re packaged by color.  Can you choose a favorite color?


“Lily” was made from a Windsor Lane layer cake.  You’ll get two squares of each fabric in a layer cake so you can make her the same on both sides, or for more variety try using two fabrics…one for the front and a different fabric for the back.

Petites are fun to sew!

Make a few now and you’ll be ready anytime you need a little gift.

New petite patterns are in the works!



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