When Christmas comes around I’m always looking for a new way to package up cash or gift cards.  There aren’t too many ways to make $$ look cute, so Bunny Hill to the rescue!

Snow pockets are simple to make and they’re perfect to hold cash or gift cards.  You can hang them on a tree, use them at a place setting, hang from a chair or a garland.  Whatever you dream up to put inside,  little gifts are going to look special!

You’ve never worked with wool before?  Don’t worry, I’ve made it easy.  Just follow my wool applique tutorial and use my free pattern!

Wool Applique Simplified

Snow Pockets

To get you started we’ve made up a kit that includes everything you need;  100 % wool, Cosmo floss, buttons, ribbon and a chenille needle!  Just add glue, scissors and freezer paper.  You’ll find it here on my website.

I hope you enjoy making these little Snow pockets!



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