My husband will NEVER understand shabby.  To him shabby is wood waiting to be thrown away.  All the years we’ve been married I’ve tried to make him understand…no honey I don’t want it painted.  I want it to look just like it is!   Now, when he does paint something he’s come around to doing what he calls distressing.  Trust me he doesn’t know the meaning of the word but at least he’s trying.

When this little step stool arrived in the mail last week I was so glad he wasn’t home to see it.  I’m not sure he could have survived the shock. To think that I spent money on this shabby stool would be too much for him.

But isn’t my new little step stool great?  It’s old, chippy, distressed and the perfect backdrop for a bundle of Grunge fat quarters!   Moda “Grunge” reminds me of weathered wood in soft colors, painted to look distressed.  I love Grunge almost as much as I love my little step stool!

  I’ve got my own little shabby corner going in the studio…bolts of Grunge and vintage, chippy, furniture pieces that my husband isn’t allowed to touch.

When he ships any Grunge I know he’s thinking, “people buy this stuff”?

What do husbands know, right?

Before I forget, I have to tell you what I’ve been reading, thanks to all of you and your super book suggestions! I decided to read the “In Death” series by JD Robb because there were so many books available. I started at the beginning and I’m now on book number 20!


OMG I love this series.  Granted it’s a little steamy when Dallas and Roarke are by themselves, but the books are well written and exciting mysteries.   I  want the books to never end because when I come to the last in the series I’ll be going through withdrawal.  You’ll find most of the books you suggested here in this PDF file: Books to read from my blog readers .   I just can’t thank you enough for giving me a summer of reading fun!

Have a great weekend everyone.



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