Marcel…do you remember his story? I’ll never understand why he was at the vet’s office for so long without being adopted.  People coming and going every day and everyone passed him by for over 2 months.  They missed a real gem.  I’m so thankful my husband brought him home.


He came with imperfections that make me love him even more.  His fur separates where he had surgery after being hurt by the car fan.  You can see it in the picture above.  You only notice it when he lies on his side but there’s a big dent in his hip area you can feel when you pet him.

He’s a large cat with a teeny tiny meow.  It’s beyond cute.

He has a front tooth that sticks out sometimes when he closes his mouth.  It gives him a bit of a goofy look.  There’s a hint of it showing in the photo below.

He’s easy-going, very laid back and a little shy.  It takes him awhile to come out to greet new people.

  He’s our cat now and I think he’s perfect.

He’s part of the Bunny Hill gang.  :>)

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