I’ve spent the weekend cleaning in the studio.  When I’m busy working on new things organization gets away from me and after market it’s time to gather everything up once again and find a place for it.   Cubby shelves are perfect for storage in a sewing room.  They don’t use valuable floor space and they put things in site that you might use daily.

I purchased this shelf at Pottery Barn and I decided to fill it with my ribbon spools.  I love it when I can see what I have in one place.  For me (and probably quite a few of you) if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind.  Now I can pick as needed and I’m reminded that I might not want to purchase any more of that beautiful blue ribbon for a while. :>)   I can see this shelf being used to store thread, jars of buttons and endless things in the sewing room.  Move it to the kitchen and you can store spices, cups, storage jars etc.


You may have seen pictures of this shelf before but this weekend I cleaned, polished and organized everything on it.

I bought this shelf on EBay and now it holds two of my collections:  Salt & pepper shakers & beads and crystals.

While we were making “Lily” samples these were being used daily.  It was wonderful being able to see everything at a glance so we could pick the ones we needed.

I’ve added another “cubby storage” in the studio that I just love.  It’s my box of Kimono Silk Thread, all 80 colors in a portable thread case.

I’ve added one just like this to my website so you can buy all 80 colors in a case if your heart desires.  Don’t gasp at the price…I didn’t make it up, it’s what 80 spools of this wonderful thread sell for.  Here’s a little tip if you’re still gasping;  Bunny Hill has a sale starting on the 5th and everything will be 25% off for 3 days.  You’ll find the coupon in my newsletter that comes out on the 5th.  Should you decide you must have a thread cubby of your own I promise we will not tell your hubby.  We’ll simply ship you a “tool” box.

Make sure you confirm that you’d still like to receive my newsletter when you receive it on the 5th.  I’ve had the same list forever and I just want to make sure those of you who are on it still have valid email etc.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!  Keep your pets inside and away from all the noise.  Mine hate fireworks and it’s always a traumatic time around here.   I’ll be back after the 4th to give you a Marcel update.

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