These tiny shamrock flowers are blooming in my studio.  In the mornings they open with the first light, and as the day goes on they start to close.  They follow the light actually turning with the sun.   By evening they’ve completely closed, resting for the night and storing energy to begin the process once again when morning comes.  All of this from a flower not more than 1″ in size when fully open.

Just look at the leaves; a deep purple center changing to rich green around the edges.  It’s a bit of a spindly plant, but what it lacks in fullness it makes up for in color.  I planted this Shamrock from tiny bulbs about 1/2″ in size just 3 to four weeks ago.  Watching it grow has been fun.  Once these little bulbs sprout they grow so rapidly they change almost daily.   It’s the perfect plant for teaching children about the growing process because they’ll be rewarded so quickly by the growth.

Shamrocks come with different color leaves and flowers. You can find the bulbs for sale on Amazon.  I bought mine here from American Meadows, but they are out of stock now of this particular type.  If you like to garden try any of the bulbs.  I think you’ll like them.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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