The weather was hot but no one seemed to mind.  The fruit was ripe for the picking and waiting for us.  The area I live in is known for growing fruits and vegetables.  At this time of year people come from all over to participate in the harvest.

Since I live in this area I sometimes forget that not everyone has access to orchards like these.    I turned around just as we were walking into one of the orchards and this is what I saw…

Did you have any idea fruit picking could be so popular?

So much fruit just waiting to be picked.  We are blessed with an abundance this year.  Yellow peaches, white peaches and nectarines;  does one tree taste better than the other?  I can definitely say “yes”.

After we picked peaches and nectarines we drove to another orchard for cherries!

I think a cherry and peach cobbler might be called for!

It was the perfect end to a perfect vacation.  It’s back to work this week.


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