Scappy Plates Update

It’s that crazy time before market when my blog posts begin to dwindle.  I apologize in advance and I’ll try to do better,  but I do have a good excuse.   I’m working on new designs!  Maybe not as you envision because I won’t have any fabric until April.  No rotary cutters, thread or sewing machines are involved now.   All I have are fabric scans that I’m using to fill  my drawings and hopefully make a computerized version of the quilts I picture in my head.   It’s a strange way of working and I prefer the real fabric but I know I’m not alone.  Lots of other designers have to work without fabric until just before market.  It makes for an interesting life.

My new fabric line called Windsor Lane will be introduced to quilt shops at spring market in May.  I can’t show you fabrics yet, but I can show you colors!  These Bella colors  co-ordinate with my new line!

I’m in love with the taupe color in Windsor Lane.  It’s so pretty mixed with the pink, blue and green!  To think I’ll be adding these fabrics to my next quilts before too long.  I have them stacked next to my desk for inspiration.


Pumpkin Pie Quilt Kit:

We still have kits on sale for Pumpkin Pie.  They’re 25% off for a few more days.  If you haven’t purchased one yet, better do it now or you’ll be looking at this quilt come September wishing you had started it earlier!  Think about decorating for Autumn with this quilt.  Hang it above a table, place a few baskets of pumpkins on the table top and your decorating will be done!  Simple and cute.  The price includes the pattern and you can find the kit here!    Mention in the comment section on check out if you already have the pattern and we’ll deduct the cost.

Scrappy Plates:

For those I’ve managed to confuse with the directions for the Scrappy Plate quilt I’ve added an update to the directions.  The update tells you how to attach the plates to the background fabric.  Hopefully this will help!   You’ll find it with the Free patterns or by clicking on the link below:

Scrappy Plate Instructions Part Three A

One of the things I’ve wanted to do for the longest time was to make a Dresden Plate quilt and now that mine is almost finished I just couldn’t be happier.  I hope all of you who have joined me are feeling the same way!  I’ll give you the final instructions in April so you can complete the scallop.

Have a great week everyone!







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  • Missy - I won’t be able to start my quilt until April or May, I want to try to figure out how to make those dresden butterflies from the Flicker group!ReplyCancel

  • Maria do Carmo Pezzuto - Tenho só que te agradecer por lançar essas placas para o mundo,MUITO OBRIGADA MESSSSSSMO!!!!!Fiz uma placa de improviso de papelão e deu certo,aumentei e diminui a partir de,quando vi ….tinha 300 e comecei a me apavorar…o que eu vou fazer agora???Depois de colocar miolo em toda,compra de tecido foi danado,para mim,comprei popeline e tricoline,já que eu estava trabalhando com tecidos mais encorpados.Fiz um pouco a mão,muito a máquina.Fundo branco,com bolinhas,listra,estampado amanhecido…Total de 27 colchas.COLCHAS 2.20×2.40, 2.30×2.50 estas são de casal.2.00×1.40 solteiro.Ainda tenho mais algumas para ir,mas são de berços e mini-camas,agora é mais fácil e rápido,obrigada.Todas acolchoadas e fofinhas.TODAS VENDIDAS.Deus te abençoe sempre e te proteja.Um beijo enorme no seu coração.BOA SORTE E SUCESSO PARA VOCÊ E SEUS NEGÓCIOS.ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Anne, I love the Windsor Lane colors, I’ll be needing one of each! I can’t wait to see your new line.
    I’m still working on my plates, applying them by hand to the block backgrounds. It’s taking time, but there is something about hand applique that makes it worth the extra effort. They would be finished if I didn’t have so many other projects in progress :)
    Take a deep breath, and try to enjoy the process as you continue to prepare for market! I’m already looking fwd to seeing your booth photos.ReplyCancel

  • martha mumaw - My part 3a does not tell how to make a scallop border. It tells how to hand sew down the dresden’s. please help. I need the scallop part! thank you. marthaReplyCancel

  • Hildy - Love the colors from your Windsor Lane, especially the green! On Sunday there’ll be a quilt market here in munich and I hope to find a few (or more;-) fabrics for my dresden plates1

  • Diane R. - LOVE the Windsor Lane colors — can’t wait to see the new line this spring! I think I see another Bunny Hill quilt in my future! I’m really enjoying the Dresden plate quilt. I have the center completed and hope to have all the borders sewn on today. Then on the scalloped border next month — what fun!ReplyCancel

  • Jean - I can’t wait to see what new patterns you have up your sleeve!ReplyCancel

  • Brigitte - Anne, I know exactly what you’re speaking of, the same with me, also spending lots of time planning everything for Market, writing new sewing instructions, organizing travel and booth. Playing around with virtual swatches for virtual quilts ;-). And slowing down all other tasks as any possible. But inside all creative energies are dancing and I wake up each morning with a tingly feeling in my stomach like a thousand butterflies who want be freed, ideas pouring out.
    Have a good pre-Market time, all the best, take care of you and take a break once in a while. I’m looking forward to meet you soon, I’m so curious about Windsor Lane…ReplyCancel