We all seem to love those vintage treasures, especially when they happen to be quilts.   Since many of us are working on our Dresden quilts I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of a few vintage ones today.

I was lucky enough to find this one on eBay last year for $28.00!

My friend Nancy found this beauty in Sisters Oregon.  I’m not sure what she paid for it but something tells me it was more than $28.00.

It’s pieced with wool, silk and cotton, and embroidered with floss and yarn!


Just look how sweet this one of Nancy’s is…

Sometimes you can find unfinished blocks like these…

…Or, maybe you’ll find a few finished blocks…

…with a stack of other blocks waiting to be completed. (I bought these on eBay last year.)

Vintage quilts are waiting to be discovered and part of the fun is in the hunt!

Wonder if there’s a vintage quilt on eBay just waiting for you!  Wouldn’t hurt to have a look!



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