I started December off at our local hospital early on the morning of December 1st.  My husband had arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder because of a torn rotator cuff.  We had to arrive by 5:45AM.

I had envisioned just “us” arriving at that time of the morning, but to my surprise there was a waiting room filled with patients all scheduled for different surgeries.  He was assigned a number and from that point on he could be tracked on the surgery tracker board in the waiting room.  It’s an amazing, color coded, automated system that lets you see where the patient is at all times…in the preop room, in surgery, in recovery, etc.  His surgery went well, and he was home by early afternoon, rotator cuff repaired, arm in a sling, ice machine and pain meds in hand.  The surgery tracker even tells you when the patient has left the hospital van you believe it?   I hope it didn’t say that we stopped at In and Out Burger on the way home.  Starving husbands are not happy ones.

In case you didn’t know my husband does all the shipping for Bunny Hill.  He’s right-handed and the surgery was on his right shoulder.  I’ve been prepared for the worst but it’s only been 3 days and the man is already getting back to work.  He can type left-handed!  Everyone else is jumping in to help so we haven’t even noticed any glitches in our system (knock on wood).  And while he’s been recovering I’ve been busy sewing together  “Redwork Raining Cats & Dogs” my newest redwork quilt.

I’m using Moda’s new redwork line, Redwork Renaissance;  polka dots, cherries, stripes and floral fabrics make this quilt so much fun to make!  Here’s a few little sneak peaks…

We’ve used the new Pilot FriXion erasable gel pens to transfer the drawings onto the background fabric.   If you haven’t tried these pens I think you’ll love them.  They draw easily on fabric and the ink disappears when you apply heat with a iron.   You can find these pens at office supply stores or here on my website.  I’ve heard that if you expose the embroidery to below freezing temperatures the ink lines will return but I don’t plan on putting mine in the freezer anytime soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!  I’ll be back on Monday.



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