Remember the photos of Jeaneane’s home after the Joplin tornado hit?

Jeaneane’s family is rebuilding in the same location.   Where there was once devastation a new home now stands waiting for a brick front…

And the inside of the home waits for paint, flooring and final touches…

I can’t imagine how excited Jeaneane must be!  Her new home is so close to completion.

One of her housewarming gifts will be a box filled with quilt blocks that you’ve made.   Here are a few of the blocks I’ve received so far…

I think Jeaneane is going to be excited when she sees all the blocks and she’ll love them even more knowing that they’re from such caring quilters.

If you haven’t made her a block yet you have until December 10th.   Send a 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ unfinished block to me.  You’ll find my address on my website.

If you’re having trouble making a 8 1/2″ unfinished block try a 12 1/2″ unfinished block.

For each block you make your name will be entered to win one of the following prizes…

1.  9″ x 12″ Artograph LightPad with Led Illumination.


2.  A fat eighth bundle of Moda Puzzle Pieces (100 fat eighths).

Someone’s going to win one of these prizes.  Just make Jeaneane a block and it could be you!

Have a great Monday everyone!  Back soon!



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