The French know a great red when they see one and so does Kaari Meng, The French General.  When I saw her first line for Moda Fabrics called Rounenneries I fell in love.  So French, so pretty and so red!   It was almost enough to make this “pink” girl think about crossing over to the “red” side!

Well Kaari’s done it again with the red in Rounenneries Deux.  Her fabric always sings to me and this time it’s been singing about snowmen.  I’ve been surrounded by Rounenneires Deux for awhile now.  I’ve played with it, starched it, stitched with it,  cut it up and then sewn it back together and I still can’t get enough of it. If I wasn’t leaving for market in just 3 days I might still be sewing.  So what is the result of my “red” obsession?

Merry, Merry Snowmen, my newest block of the month!

These snowmen have to be a bit French don’t you think?  How do I know?  Well, look at the chef in the bottom right corner…she stepped right out of a French Patisserie!  She has holiday delicacies for sale and I can almost smell them baking!  As the French say…

Ooh La La!

Oh wait!  That’s the name of my next fabric line.  I’ll have to show you that next but certainly not in a “red” post.   I’m back to pink with Ooh La La, can you imagine?

New patterns are finally ready.  I’ll be loading them to my website over the next 2 days AND I’ll be back with more blog posts.  I’ve got 12 new patterns to show you…

I have to practice saying Rounenneries before I leave for quilt market.  For now please don’t ask me what line I used in Merry, Merry Snowmen…

I’ve missed you all!


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