We’ve Been Making Bundles!

We’ve spent the week making little fabric bundles of Lily & Will.  I’m getting ready for new fabric to arrive and some just has to go because I’m running out of room!  Perfect little stash builders…can I tempt you?

Oh my these are hard to part with!  Something about a “bundle” that makes me so happy!  You’ll find these little bundles here on my website.  I’ve got a basket filled with these just waiting to leave the studio!

I’ve also put some quilts on my website to sell…something I’ve never done before.  NO, they’re not my applique block of the months… I’m saving those for I’d be in trouble with my family!  These are sample quilts from some of my Bunny Hill Patterns.  They are in perfect condition and need new homes.  I’ve only listed a few so far but I’ll be adding more as time permits.  Be sure and check back because my closet is bulging with quilts and samples!  You can pick these up for about the price of quilting.  Good for you and good for me.

And once the bundles all leave I’m left with stacks of “Puttin on the Ritz”…

Dang, can’t part with it yet…sorry, but it’s coming soon to a quilt store near you!



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  • ina - The basket filled with FQs looks beautiful!! It must be hard to part with. I think I would rent a storage unit and hide it all there. Many years from now your grown grandchildren will be reading the will and be curious about ‘the storage unit’. Once there, holding their breath, open the unit and out spills Lily and Will, Lily and Will II, Puttin’ on the Ritz, and some Christmas ornaments.

    The grandchildren would start crying with joy that they now have the chance to use their grandmother’s beautiful fabric lines to make something beautiful to wrap around THEIR children.

    Sound good? I have a storage unit at my house that you can use….I promise to save some of the fabric for your grandchildren….scout’s honor. ;0ReplyCancel

  • Paulette Doyle - Gorgeous stuff!!! I like..a lot!!

  • Tiff Blakey - Well consider me sufficiently tempted!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy C. in Utah - Be still my heart…beautiful bundles Anne. I especially love the brown and green together, gorgeous. I too am sufficiently tempted, LOL. Hugs…ReplyCancel

  • DeAnna - Oh, aren’t they wonderful! I love the blues particularly.

    Okay, I’m off to check out the sample quilts.


  • KimwithaK - I’ve already bought Lily & Will “just because”…I love it so!!!
    Your bundles look gorgeous!
    Now I have to go look at your quilts and drool….I’ve made quite a few of my own … Rabbits Prefer Chocolate is STILL HANGING! LOL! I can’t bear to take it down and it’s prominent in my house too! No hidden room but right in my open staircase viewed from my bedroom, dinning room and living room!!!
    I have Tisket a Tasket hanging in my kitchen eating area….Autumn House is in my sewing room being meandered on!!! Henrietta Whiskers is in my basket ready to go to my Tuesday Quilt Group every week!!!! And now that I’m writing this I really can’t wait to see my Catch a Christmas Star quilt!ReplyCancel

  • Florence - Bundles of Lily & Will are amazing !!! Especially the blue !ReplyCancel

  • Hildy - You know what? I wanna live in your basket for a little while. And when I’m heading out I just take a few bundles with me let’s the half of it;-)
    Greetings from germany

  • Anna - Eye candy and no calories!ReplyCancel

  • Sherryl - Oh you’re such a tease. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait to get my hands on some Puttin on the Ritz!!!ReplyCancel

  • Deborah Hays - I love your blog Anne…. it makes each one of feel like we know you personally. You always share a piece of your fun heart…. thanks. And as far as the fat quarter bundles…. oh my… how to choose!! I”m on my way to your web page….. Blessings, DebbieReplyCancel

  • Ramey Channell - Love your beautiful colorful photos and your bunnies! I’m a bunny (and possum) lover.

  • Kim - Oh congratulations on getting to hold Lily for the first time.
    My granddaughter is also named Lily and turn three on 8-18!
    I bet you are having the best time with her!

    Happy Sewing, can’t wait to see pictures of you holding the baby.ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - I absolutely LOVE these fabrics! You have to see them in person to really appreciate them. So happy my local shop has been stocking them….I’ve been picking up the neutrals b/c they work perfectly with so many of my stash fabrics. Last one I bought was from Lily and Will to use as the background for a lovely floral quilt I’m making. I wish I could buy them all!!ReplyCancel

  • Louise - Oh, yes, you CAN tempt me, if you are willing to add on another room to my house. My Stash is also out of control and don’t know how I find another spot for something I can’t leave the store without. LOL!!!! These are all beautiful fabrics, however.
    Glad I found you…..

  • Christmas Ornaments Costumes » ritz Christmas ornament - […] We've Been Making Bundles! Once there, holding their breath, open the unit and out spills Lily and Will, Lily and Will II, Puttin' on the Ritz, and some Christmas ornaments. The grandchildren would start crying with joy that they now have the chance to use …http://bunnyhillblog.com/2011/ .. […]ReplyCancel

  • BizzyMom - I. LOVE. the. Puttin’. on. the. Ritz…………..!!!!!!!!!! GORGeous fabrics that include gray. BE still my heart! ;)ReplyCancel