Jump in the car, drive about 60 miles down the road and you’ll  get the concept of how far the tornado took Jeaneane’s quilt.  Judging by what that tornado did to her house the chances of a quilt making it that far in one piece must be a million to one!

Jeaneane’s mother-in-law was 91 when she made these quilt blocks.  She made some of the blocks upside down so she never finished the quilt, she just put the blocks in a box.  When Jeaneane found the box there were only19 blocks, so she had the  20th block embroidered with information about her mother in law.

I know Jeaneane’s story has touched all our hearts.  I am so thankful and proud to say I’m a quilter aren’t you?  We make so much more than just quilts.  Each one is a piece of us and a part of our lives.   We’re a special community of people for sure.

Ina, one of my sweet readers, had the great idea of making quilt blocks for Jeaneane.  If you’d like to join in doing this, make a 8″ x 8″ finished block from fabric similar to Kansas Troubles (this is one of Jeaneane’s favorite lines). You can make any 8″ x 8″ finished block you’d like and Jeaneane can add them to her Tisket a Tasket quilt when she makes it.  Or, make a block from Tisket A Tasket for Jeaneane!  Send everything to me and  I’ll make sure she gets them.  You’ll find my address on my website under “Order Info”.

I’ll be updating you with Jeaneane’s progress as I hear from her.  Thanks for all of your comments on my last post.  I loved reading each one and I’m sure Jeaneane did too!




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