Did you know today is National Smore Day?  Can you believe it?  Really, I don’t make this stuff up.  Every August 10th is Smore Day.

It would take an act of Congress to make it an official holiday…the kind where  everyone gets a day off to stay home and make Smores.  We all know Congress could never agree on this one, so for now it will remain an unofficial holiday, but it’s still a day that’s fun to celebrate!


So get thyself to a store and pick up some:

Honey Graham Crackers


Hershey Chocolate Bars

You can make smore’s in a microwave.  I did that early this morning in honor of smore day.  Then of course I did a taste test and found that it’s just not the same as those marshmallows roasted over a campfire or a grill.

Rumor has it that Smore’s were invented by the Camp Fire Girls!  Sorry Girl Scouts you don’t get the credit.  I was once a Bluebird and a Camp Fire Girl so they get the credit for these.

Maybe plan a barbeque tonight, roast some chicken, veggies and then serve the Smore’s for dessert.  Add a few strawberries to the plate and you’re sure to have family asking if they can have smore  (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself).

Have a great day!


Almost forgot to tell you…for some reason when you leave a comment on my blog it’s no longer emailed to me.  I’ve tried everything possible in Word Press and still no luck.  So…I’ve been reading and responding to your comments directly on the blog until I get this figured out…

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