I received the sweetest email today from a girl named Gaby…her mom made her a quilt and she wanted to share a photo with me!   Gaby and her mom picked out my Cream and Sugar pattern.  (Gaby if you’re reading this I’m so honored that you chose my pattern!)

Just look at Gaby’s quilt!

Isn’t it cute?

All the sweet little touches Gaby’s mom added make it really special…

…and now Gaby has a quilt that she says goes perfectly with her room. Gaby said that she originally wanted her quilt in the same colors as mine, but her mom talked her into looking at a black and white copy of the picture so she could see it with fresh eyes. Great advice mom!

Congratulations Gaby!  What a sweet gift from mom!  Give her a hug for me…


Oh, and if you’re one who leaves comments on my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve replied to them right in the comment section.  If you think I’m smart of course I am I really have no idea why I started doing that!  It just looked like fun!  Every time I comment it counts as another comment!  Now how smart is that?  LOL!





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