It’s crazy right now!  1 week and counting before quilt market and everyone I know is scrambling to get things done.  I leave for Salt Lake City on Tuesday! It’s exciting to think of so many new things under one roof!  The last time we attended market in Salt Lake, the city welcomed us with open arms. Salt Lake we love you!

If you saw my newsletter you heard that my newest block of the month isn’t quite ready.  Think about this…some of the fabric for Raining Cats and Dogs just arrived on Saturday!  That’s right, I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to get here and the quilt blocks are finally being appliquéd this week!  I’ll be bringing the blocks to market, but the quilt won’t be completely assembled until after market.  I’ll be showing you a “virtual” peek later this week.  It’s amazing what you can do on a computer.  Just wait until you see!

In the midst of all the market excitement Henrietta arrived back from my quilter this week!  Just look at some of these blocks!

Notice how the applique is quilted ONLY when it’s necessary to keep it from puckering?  Never quilt into your appliqué unless you have to.  The focus of the quilt is that hand work you just completed and not the quilting. The quilting should add to the charm and finish off the quilt.  It’s a fine balance of applique and quilting.

Simplicity is the key to getting this look.  Henrietta has quilting around her body, between her body and tail, and around her arm to anchor her down.  You can hardly notice it!  Enlarge the photo and you’ll see what I mean.  I like people to look at my quilt first and then study the quilting, not the other way around.  Henrietta’s very happy about that.  She likes to be noticed!

With the addition of block five we are half way through this quilt!  By next month you’ll be able to put the first two rows together.  If you haven’t kept up you still have time.  Let’s get busy we have more to come!

Have fun with Henrietta!   New fabrics and quilts coming soon!





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