I’m in the news today on the Moda blog and my sons are going to disown me.  I promised I would never tell the sequin story! You know how moms are.  They made Christmas ornaments when they were little and went door to door selling them.  Opps, now I’m really in trouble! Shhh…maybe they don’t read my blog.

I Feel like I should be cleaning the studio and having everyone over for a visit!  But wait!  That would take some doing right now.  We’re getting ready to sew up a storm at Bunny Hill and I guarantee the studio won’t be clean for weeks!  Think of the threads, scraps and fabric you might find on the floor.

I’m excited that I found something to fill vintage basket by my desk…jelly rolls and bundles of Lily & Will.  I’m even more excited to think it might be filled with Jelly Rolls of Puttin’ on The Ritz before too long.  Can you believe another quilt market is just around the corner?  I’ll be showing you my new fabric line soon!  This is going to be an exciting market for a lot of designers.  I can just feel it!  Wish you could all come.

One of you asked me about Chelsea and Bitsy a few weeks ago and if Chelsea had lost any weight?  They are both doing fine, but Chelsea has developed the strangest phobia.  She hates it when I try and take her photo!  Since I moved my desk she can walk completely around my computer and I’ll find her standing next to the monitor looking at me.  All I have to do is grab my camera and you’d think I was punishing her.  She hates it!  I don’t use a flash so I can’t imagine what started this!

Here she is standing on top of my desk right in front of me.  I picked up the camera and look at the expression on her face!



She hates it!  Maybe it’s the weight thing.  Do you think?


Back Soon I hope!  I’m having trouble with my blog right now and I’m moving it to another server.  Forgive me if any glitches come up.  I’ll get them fixed as soon as I can.



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