Fluff those pillows please!    It’s day 9 of Moda Pillow Talk and it’s Kathy’s turn!   I had to share this picture with you.  I took it at Spring Market, 2010.  It’s Kathy Schmitz in her booth and look at the floor!  See the drawing at the bottom of the picture?  Go ahead and enlarge it so you can see it better.

Our booth was close to Kathy’s and when I looked over at her booth she was drawing that design freehand on the floor of her booth!  I just couldn’t believe it.  She just drew away until it was finished and now of course I’m wishing I had a better photo of it.  Her doodles are worth a lot!  Hop on over to her blog and see her pillow!  She has a free pattern for her pillow and I even noticed in her shop you can buy some of her doodles to play with as clip art!

Here’s the blog hop list again, just in case you need it…

Sandy Gervais has the cutest pincushion painting on her blog!

February 1st … Aneela Hoey

February 2nd … Blackbird Designs

February 3rd … Brannock and Patek

February 4th … Bunny Hill

February 5th … Cotton Way

February 6th … Fig Tree

February 7th … Kansas Troubles

February 8th … Kate Spain

February 9th … Kathy Schmitz Studios

February 10th … Thimbleblossoms

February 11th … Me and My Sister Designs

February 12th … Minick & Simpson

February 13th … Oliver + S

February 14th … Pieces From My Heart

February 15th … Laurie & Jessi Jung

February 16th … Sweetwater

February 18th … Deb Strain

February 19th … American Jane

February 20th … Primitive Gatherings

Have fun everyone!  Best of luck with the giveaways.   Let me know if you win any!

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