Oh what I do to my pets.  Life in the studio is fun every day thanks to them!

Chelsea will do or try just about anything…

She’ll even stand on the dreaded scale… no treats when she’s on this!

Or sit in a bassinet!

She picks many of the winners on my blog posts.  She willing does this over…

and over….

and over!

Bitsy will dress for special occasions.  She’s not crazy about it, but she’ll do it if it’s her birthday…

…and I promise a little treat.

Bitsy has that famous button on her back that I love so much!

She’s so, so sweet!

And Mooch arrived in my life starving and very skinny.

But as time passed…

She grew and grew…

Chelsea helped fatten her up by showing her all the tricks…

Hummm…thanks Chelsea!

And now the three of them are inseparable.   They are always together.  Always!

Mooch is waiting for Santa to arrive!

While the children Bitsy is tucked all snug in her bed!

It’s almost Christmas and they know it!

Pretty smart don’t you think?



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