As the days rush by before Christmas Santa is getting closer and closer!    Like most of you I’m still wrapping presents.

In the middle of all the hectic holiday rush today is my Granddaughter’s birthday.  At the top of her “important things” list today were the red velvet cupcakes she made for school.   How sweet life is when you’re 9!  Tomorrow night is her school play.  It will be held in a little church chapel and she’ll sing her heart out.  She’ll be one day older and one day sweeter.   Seems like just yesterday she was turning 5.

And suddenly she’s old enough to sew!

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

As I was going through photos today I came across many from Christmas and Bunny Hill that I think you’ll enjoy.

I’ll be sharing them with you over the next few weeks as we wait for the New Year to arrive.

Remembering the days at Bunny Hill and welcome 2011!



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