I honestly don’t now where this month is going!  Feels like it’s flying by!  I desperately need more time!!!  I have to fit in making cookies, our hometown parade, Granddaughter’s birthday, school play, time with friends, wrapping presents, shopping, and projects for January.   Do you feel this way?  It’s going way too fast, this month we call December.

I’ve done as much decorating as I can this year.  There’s just not enough time!   I actually let my husband slip by without putting lights on the house!  I must really be feeling rushed to let him out of that!

Our tree stands in the center of the living room.

My little black cat named Topsy came out to see the tree.  She’s very shy so it really must have  attracted her!  She loved it!  She was purring, licking her paws and sitting so happily under the tree!  And yet, if you were to stop by you’d never see Topsy.  She’d be hiding as quick as a wink!

She’s content to sit under the tree…

…and enjoy the ornaments!  Or maybe she loves my little stuffed Allie dogs & Scooter Pie the cats!

My feather tree is dressed in silver this year, with a little touch of gold…

And the dining room hutch is home to my little pink sheep…

How do you decorate?  Do you always put your tree in the same place?  Do you have ornaments you mix up each year?  Different sets of ornaments?  Do you move everything around or does it make you feel more “at home” with things the same every year?

If you visit Kevin Sharkey’s blog (he’s part of the Martha Stewart team) you can watch how he decorates  his trees.  He has boxes and boxes of wonderful ornaments and he’s so dang organized.  I’m taking notes for next year.  Be sure and click on the slide show above the picture.  You’ll see 3 gold tinsel trees come to life.

Hope your shopping is done (LOL) and presents all wrapped.


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