Happy Friday everyone!

The bears are in thanks to all of you!  How could my husband resist after reading your comments?  He happily carried the bears back inside, and now I think I’ll find a place for them every year.  Tradition, isn’t it wonderful?

I’ve put them in a vintage pink cradle I’ve been saving for something special.  The cradle is large enough for triplets so the bears feel right at home.

This brown bear peaking out from the back is a vintage teddy bear.  He’s well loved, a bit saggy and I think he’s my favorite!  He found a home with me the minute I saw him.  He’s a shabby chic bear in every way!

How many bears can you fit in a cradle?  Lots, if they’ll share the space!

One bear (Arnold) lives  in my studio.  He’s handmade by The Vintage Magpie in Europe!  Maybe he should join his friends at Christmas but I can’t  “bear” to part with him even for a week or two!

As for those little bundles that I showed you in the studio?  We’ve packaged them up and the winners are listed below (if you’re on this list the random number generator loves you so email me your address at info@bunnyhilldesigns.com!):


#23 Lisa Finn  11/28, 7:29 PM

#278 Susan Haase, 11/29, 10:37 PM

#103 Inge from the Netherlands,  11/29

#29 Donna Liljegren, 11/28, 7:38 PM

#90 Colleen, 11/28, 10:57 PM

#9 SnoozeM 11/28, 7:10 PM

#147 Pauline 11/29,  6:05 AM

#219 Ina 11/29,  12:40 PM

#162 Carrie P  11/29,  7:10 AM

#135 Nancy C in Utah 11/29,  5:31 AM

#312 Susan Anthony 11/30,  4:44PM

#3 Margaret, 11/28, 7:00 PM

Congratulations to all of you who won, and thank you to all who entered.   I’ll be back with the final Snowbound block on the 5th!  Have you been keeping up?



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