I’ve been busy loading the web site with all kinds of new things!  Lily & Will have arrived and we have Moda boxes all over the studio!  Brigette’s in charge of making kits and she’s having way too much fun with all the fabric!  She’ll be cutting away and I’ll hear her say “oh my, I may have to get myself some of this”.  She’s talking about owning every piece of fabric that comes through the door and I’m in charge of keeping her sane.  It’s kind of like being a kid in a candy shop.

Brigette’s been busy making all these Park Lane quilt kits that are waiting to be shipped.   Today she decided she wants to make a Park Lane quilt queen size!  I’m sure she’s thinking I’ll just whip out those measurements for her!  I’m not too worried.  She’s got too way too much cutting to do to ever get around to sewing!  She’s also making kits for some of my other Lily & Will patterns.  You can find them all under Bunny Hill Kits on my web site.

I found this darling POLKA DOT ribbon in the Renaissance Ribbon booth at Quilt Market.   I just couldn’t resist these dots.   You can find them in the trim section on my web site.  It’s reversible!   Wouldn’t it be cute on a stuffed teddy bear, or as a trim for a holiday dress?

And satin ruffle trim, we finally have that too!  Seems like forever since I first started talking about this trim.  It’s  wonderful Moda quality and you can use it in so many ways.   I trimmed The Delaney Bag tote with a tiny bit of this ruffle.

See what it can do for a simple tote bag?

Moda’s just shipped some new colors of basic dots.  I’ve added my favorite new colors to the web site because  once again I can’t resist dots.  I love them and I hope you will too!   These are great stash builders!

I just added the pre-quilted Lily & Will ivory fabric to the web site also.  This is one fabric that I hope to carry all the time.  It’s wonderful for embroidery and stitching!  I promise you will love it!  It’s just lightweight enough that you can see the embroidery pattern if you put it over a light box.  I’ll be doing much more with this fabric in the future and you’ll be seeing it again at spring market!  If you plan on using the pre-quilted fabric for making blankies be sure and pre-wash it.  It shrinks a bit.  One washing and a light press will do it!

We have a few of these bundles of “La Petite Ecole” if you’re interested in getting a jump start on the applique prep for ” The Night Before Christmas”.  These are fat eights (9″ x 22″).  Just enough fabrics to get you started on the applique. If you use the spray starch method of applique you can have almost all of it prepped and ready to go by the time this fabric ships!  We have a limited supply of these packages, so order now if you’d like one.

We’re now offering the DMC Machine Embroidery thread by the individual spool.  This is the thread I use for applique.  If you’ve purchased one of our collections and need to replace a color or two, you can buy it on my web site!   We’ll be adding more colors in the future  just in case you can’t find this thread at your local quilt shop.

And finally, after much searching, I’ve found the best stuffing tool ever!  I love these stuffing forks.  If you plan on making any kind of Bunny Hill Petite patterns or any stuffed animals, this tool will simplify your life.  I’ll be keeping these in stock, that’s how great they are, and HARD to find.

And last but NOT least, did you know we have these Lily & Will diaper bags from Moda!  Designed by me, and manufactured by Moda, you will love them!   Pockets galore, baby changing pad, and lift up the lid and you’ll find an embroidered bunny!  I’ve only ordered a few so if you think you’d like one be sure and buy it now!

Shopping at Bunny Hill!  We have gift certificates too.  Email us if you’re interested!

Back soon!


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